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I can't believe it has been so long since I updated. Gwynn is doing SO WELL! I can't believe how blessed we are! The Orencia is keeping her disease in remission!!  She has had a rough run of nasty viruses but seems like everyone is this year. She had a check up on her arm in December and the doc said it showed some improvement(she has avascular necrosis from all the steroids/chemo in a couple different bones) so she is super excited and hoping to get back to some more activity. She still needs an ok by her leg doctor. One thing hasn't changed, still tons of different doctors but we get to see them a whole lot less!
Last week Gwynn went to Deep Portage with her class on a couple day field trip. She had a blast. I hear from some parents that chaperoned that it was pretty physically intense and I can't believe that she had no problem considering that last year at this time she needed a wheelchair to be moved around Walt Disney World and a couple months ago she was in a wheelchair because she had avascular necrosis in her femur and literally couldn't walk!  We still have a long way to go but the side effects of the steroids are finally starting to subside and Gwynn is getting healthier all the time! Last year we spoke to a doctor almost daily and spent more time at doctors offices or the hospital then we did at home it seems. This year I am updating Dr. Bies(Dr. Otto) at well baby check ups:)  GOD IS SO GOOD! Gwynn is so strong and we are so blessed!
Gwynn was in the chorus of the fall musical The Music Man and had a blast. She is doing well in school and is so happy to be back to the norm! 
Everyone else is doing well! Kilian is four months old now and growing like a weed! Brooke is going to be three next week but she is 3 going on 9...such personality! Aiden is wrestling and enjoying boy scouts.
Thanks for checking in on us!
Gwynn worked on the project above for Make-A-Wish! The organization paired local artists with Wish kids like Gwynn to collaborate on an art project. The artist Gwynn worked with was fabulous and I love how her painting turned out. Gwynn actually did a small amount of painting and of course left her signature in the bottom right hand corner. The dog is our Great Dane Marley and the beach scene/dolphin is in honor of Gwynn's wish. The art projects will be auctioned off at this years Wish ball, we will attend to help auction the piece. Gwynn is super excited! 
Someone at Make-A-Wish once said they wish Gwynn had been well when we took our trip but I know that the wish came at the perfect time. It lifted her spirit and renewed her energy to continue a fight that seemed endless! That trip was an amazing gift and the timing couldn't have been better. 
Make-A-Wish is such an amazing organization and we are so happy to be a part of the Wish Family! The artists blog link is below. Check her out she is great!

Believe!!! All things are possible, if you believe! Mark 9:23