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I just  got done feeding Kilian and thought now might be a good time to sneak in an update. The wheelchair finally came Thursday night and Gwynn was able to go back to school on Friday. She seemed to have a good day. I took her to school in the morning and she hesitated outside the classroom door for a minute, "They are gonna stare at me", Yup I told her...but only because you are coming in late and because it is different then how they are used to seeing you...that's she went and I can tell it was a good day! Over the weekend we joined the gym in Buffalo so I can get her in the pool...So far we have gone twice this week and I can tell the pool will be good for her-so if anyone works out there and is interested in taking Gwynn once in awhile let me know...It is my goal to take her 5 days a week....not sure I can squeeze that in to this crazy life but I am gonna try! She is determined to walk ASAP! She had practice for the musical tonight. She came home and said they were learning how to dance and she was bored because she can't do it....The doctor told her as soon as she can tolerate the pain she should try to put weight on her leg and walk around because otherwise the bone will continue to lose strength. She tried tonight and made it further then I thought she would. I could see her grimacing the whole time but I asked her if it hurt and she said no. This kid is SO STUBBORN! It has gotten her this far so I can't say it is a bad thing!

She missed school yesterday for chemo, which she was not happy about !!! Her doctor has been having us come Mondays during the day when she is in clinic in Minneapolis in case she needs to see Gwynn. Gwynn asked if she can go to the night infusion clinic so she doesn't have to miss school. I am going to communicate and find out which months Dr. Laplant needs to see Gwynn and then move the appointments to the  evenings. She is in a great mood of her friends brought in pink duct tape to bling out her wheelchair and she added some magnets. I can tell she had a good day at school. She has a great group of friends, and the faculty at her school are pretty amazing! As I sit here typing this and cuddling with this perfect little baby I can't help but to think how amazing life is. I am so blessed...with four amazing kids who make everyday memorable and teach me something new everyday. How can you not look at a child like Gwynn who has been through the ringer and still has such a joy for life and not think how amazing this journey is!

All things are possible if you believe! Mark 9:23