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Hey everyone, Its Kalli here. For those of you who dont know I am Gunnars older sister. I will be the author of this blog and if you want to email me personally my email is on the side pannel of the site. I am going to start from the beginning and give you all as much information as I can.
The evening of March 11th Gunnar was pitching in a practice game at Marin Catholic High School. In the last inning of the game he pitched a fastball to a kid on the other team and within seconds the ball had come right back at Gunnar. The kid hat hit a comebacker so fast that Gunnar didnt have time to react and the ball hit him above his right ear going about 150 mph. Gunnar went down hard but tried to get back up. The coaches and teammates were at his side in seconds and within minutes the paramedics were on the scene and he was rushed to Marin General. The night of the accident Gunnar was conscious and responding to my parents and the nurses. His words were slurred and his speech was slow but he was still responding. He was rushed to the ER and had a ctscan on his head where they saw that there was a fracture in his skull. He was then admitted into the ICU not much later, and for the rest of the night had many ctscans to check for swelling of the brain. Everything looked relatively good on Thursday night into friday. The scans came back and nothing looked too bad. During the day on Friday March 12th he had a few visitors and to them he was relatively responsive. He would mumble parts or words and make motions with his hands. He held peoples hands and stayed strong. At this point I was making my way back to Marin from college as soon as I could. I arrived at Marin General at 6pm on Friday and got to see Gunnar before things started to get worse. Gunnar had been semi-conscious all day cracking his knuckles and giving the nurses some great hand shakes. Seeing Gunnar for the first time was very difficult because at the time he looked like a baby in a teenagers body. His movements were very sporatic and people were telling me that his brain had almost shut down to help with the trauma and it was so hard to see my little brother like this. At about 9pm my mom started noticing that his head looked more swollen and she started to pick up on the way Gunnar was moving. He just seemed different. My dad had just left to gome home and sleep when Gunnars movements started to resemble those of a seisure. My mom got a nurse to look at G and she noticed that his pupils were huge and unresponsive. Within minutes Gunnar was being taken for another ctscan. At this point I am having a breakdown and calling my dad to get back to the hospital ASAP. The ctscan showed more swelling and blood so they decided to do surgery. The neurosurgeon and the anesthesiologist were both in the hospital and within minutes Gunnar was in for surgery. The surgery started at 9:45 and lasted til just after 11pm. My parents and I were comforted by some of Gunnars best friends, my aunt and uncle, and one of my mom's best friends and Gunnars second mom. After the surgery Gunnar was placed into a drug induced coma and we were told by the doctor that the coma would last approx 3-5 days. We then said goodnight to Gunnar and we all went home and slept. When Gunnar is in the coma the best thing for my family is to rest and be ready to be there for him when he comes out of the coma....I will continue in a new entry about the weekend. look in the Jounal entry section for more.


Kalli Sandberg posted a new journal entry.

Happy March Everyone! I thought that I would update everyone on Gunnar and his progress. This friday is the 1 year anniversary of his accident. It is amazing to think of ... Lea más

ardith plimack signed Gunnar's Guestbook.

Thanks for the update Kalli! I saw the IJ article and ran into your mom at the gym so I had a bit of current information. I hope the arm/shoulder heals nicely. Really ... Lea más

joan DiFuria signed Gunnar's Guestbook.

It is inspiring to see the progress you have made.  We are all watching you in the news and are thrilled to see your progress. Thank you for making such a difference to ... Lea más

Patty Carlson signed Gunnar's Guestbook.

Kalli, Thank you so much for this update. What celebrations we imagine your family to be having this week! Well deserved! God clearly has a plan for your brother & ... Lea más

Marcie Leach signed Gunnar's Guestbook.

Dear Kalli and Family, So glad everything is working out and Gunnar is doing a great job as the poster person for helmets and safety.  Thank you for keeping us informed. ... Lea más

maria brundige signed Gunnar's Guestbook.

Go Gunnar! I am very happy for you and impressed with the progress you've made.  Coincidentally, I was wearing my Got Wood? shirt on Tuesday!! Lots of love, Ms. Brundige Lea más

Karen Meyer signed Gunnar's Guestbook.

Gunnar, It is great to hear that you are playing ball again.  I am thankful for the changes that are finally coming to baseball.  My 12 year old wore a pitchers helmet ... Lea más

Kim Burke signed Gunnar's Guestbook.

Hi Kalli Once again, thank you so much for keeping us all updated through everything you have been through.  My daughter is a sophomore at Redwood and doesn't know Gunnar ... Lea más

Linda Carole McIntyre signed Gunnar's Guestbook.

Heard him on the radio yesterday.  Wonderful that he is  okay and able to endorse this new bat.  Sure do need it. Lea más

Marcy Scott signed Gunnar's Guestbook.

What a world of difference a year makes. We are thankful for Gunnar's progress, changes in baseball technology for safety and a new year for our Wildcat Baseball season! Lea más

Jeannine Jacobs signed Gunnar's Guestbook.

Gunnar, Soooo thrilled to hear you'll be back playing ball this season....btw...you look great too! Looking forward to seeing you as my grandson plays ball for ... Lea más

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