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  • Written Mar 8, 2011 2:47pm

    Happy March Everyone! 
    I thought that I would update everyone on Gunnar and his progress. This friday is the 1 year anniversary of his accident. It is amazing to think of what has happened in the last year and how far Gunnar has come. Not only has Gunnar come a long way but there has been progress towards tighter bat standards and as of yesterday there is a prototype of a pitchers helmet being released by Easton-Bell. My entire family went to a press conference with the President of Little League Baseball in attendance as well as a representative from CIF. I have posted the link to a youtube recording of the entire press conference, the most recent Marin IJ article, and a KTVU interview. Gunnar is back playing baseball and has his first MCAL game today against TAM High School. The game is at Tam and will start at 3:45 if anyone would like to go. He is the Designated Hitter for the team this season because only a few weeks into practice Gunnar hurt his labum (in the shoulder region) in his throwing arm. The arm injury will most likely warrent surgery after the season is over. Gunnar is so happy to be back on the field with his teammates and friends. We all hope that this season is very relaxed and injury free. Gunnar will be attending College of Marin in the fall and might play baseball there. High school graduation is right around the corner and we cant wait for that day! Thank you again to all of you that were so supportive this year. We couldnt have gotten through it all without you.

    KTVU: http://www.ktvu.com/news/27113189/detail.html
    MARIN IJ: http://www.marinij.com/prepcentral/ci_17559712?source=most_viewed
    YOUTUBE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nDcz7_IYqis
  • Written Dec 20, 2010 11:08am

    First off Happy Holidays to everyone! Now that 2010 is wrapping up I thought it would be nice to update all of you on how Gunnar is doing before we move into 2011. Gunnar has come a long way in his recovery. It has been over 9 months since the accident and we really didnt know where he would be at this point. Gunnar has amazed us all with his recovery.
    He just finished his first semester of his senior year at Marin Catholic...which he is very happy about because he is now a second semester senior and will graduate in June with the rest of his class. He has worked very hard in school this semester and it has been hard. He had to study a lot harder because it was difficult for him to memorize information and retain it all. He got through his finals but they were hard. He has been working with a tutor and it has definitely helped in his performance. Gunnar is planning on going to College of Marin next year and stay at home. College applications just came too fast and it didnt feel right. He wants to apply to other schools next year when he has a better grasp on how he is doing and where he wants to go to school. Hopefully he will be able to work and travel a little while he is spending his year in Marin. He will also try and play on the College of Marin baseball team next year. Yes, Gunnar is back playing baseball already. He started playing a few weeks ago and is very happy to be back. Last weekend he hurt his shoulder/ rotator cuff a bit so he has been laying low but cant wait to start the season in March. The league that he plays in is still using wooden bats and now the next step is headgear for Gunnar and for pitchers. Our family has worked with students from BYU on a prototype for a helmet and just heard that people from Bell helmets are also working on something. We are very excited that so many people want to help Gunnar, as well as make a difference in baseball. Getting a helmet passed is tough because of all of the regulations. We are not sure when they will be done but we have high hopes. Also, the Marin IJ is doing an end of the year piece on Gunnar and some of the other "feel good" stories of 2010 including the recovery of Stephan Wever. I am not sure when it will be out so keep your eyes peeled for an article.
    I would like to thank all of you for being there for my entire family, especially Gunnar. It has been a crazy year and we definitely would not have been able to get through everything without the support from all of you. Whether you live in Marin or are reading this from far away your love, support, thoughts, and prayers have been greatly appreciated. I honestly dont know what we would have all done without all of you. So, thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts. I hope that you all have a wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year...lets make 2011 a fantastic year!

    If you have any questions please feel free to email me, I would love to answer any of them! 
  • Written Jul 28, 2010 10:00pm

    Long time...no update. Well, tonight there comes a new update...Gunnar is on the start page of usatoday.com   here is the link:

    The article is written about him and another boy who was hit named Cole. It talkes about the accidents, the metal bat issue, and protective head gear.

    The family just got back from a trip to Sweden. We had a great time and Gunnar did really well. We saw lots of Swedish relatives and walked everywhere...we are all happy to be back in Marin now. Gunnar will be starting his senior year in just about 2 weeks. He has spent his entire summer making up work that he missed when he was out of school, so he is excited to get back to school and start new classes...and start the college application process...WOO! Gunnar will also be trying out for the MC varsity soccer team in a few weeks and has already started training for it....and he gets to rock a protective headband when he plays...it looks pretty awesome. Day by day things are getting better and more normal. My mom will be going back to work soon and I will return to Cal Poly in September to start my second year. We are all excited for the start of this new year but are going to enjoy these last few weeks of summer before everything gets crazy.

    I hope you are all having a wonderful summer and I hope you enjoy these last few weeks.


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