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Gunnar’s Story

As you all know our family was devistated to hear the word cancer.  Gunnar was diagnosed on March 1st 2011, with Leukemia (ALL) type B cell.  I write this in complete numbness, but I also know that God will get us all through this.  He is our rock and our healer.  In days to come we will be giving Gunnar all the love we can possibly give.  We hope everyone will follow our family on this wonderful website.  I thank God every second for the family and friends he has blessed us with.  We love you all!

December 27,2010 was our first trip to the Doctor.  Gunnar had been woke up during the night with pain in his right hip/butt area.  At that time we thought he had a pulled groin muscle.  The next three day's he ran a low grade fever.  He then felt better for a few days....until he was once again awakened with pain.  These kinds of episodes went on for 2 months.  During this time we had been at the Doctors weekly.  The Doctors were checking him for everything they could think of.  He was even checked at one point for Leukemia (blood results come back Negative)!  Gunnar become very used to visiting the lab, even to the point he was letting them know which arm would be best. (the one without the bruise) On Feb. 27 we headed to the E.R at Children's in St.Paul, MN.  We had been up since 2am with severe pain.  Terry and I decided it was time to head south.  I prayed to God on the way to the hospital to please let what ever was wrong to surface.  This pain Gunnar had been dealing with had to stop and we needed to beable to help him.  My prayer was answered on March 1st when the results of Gunnar's bone marrow showed he had Cancer.... Not the result we were hoping for.  I'm not able to describe the emotions that went through my body when were told our child has Cancer.  I know that when we left our home on Feb.27 we were entering a new part of our lives.  For whatever reason, this is the plan God has for us.  I thank him for guiding us to the wonderful Doctor's that did not give up until they had a diagnosis for Gunnar.  Gunnar has Leukemia (ALL).  We are not entering into this new path alone.  We fully believe our Lord God will guide us through this battle.  Gunnar is one of his master pieces who was put on this earth to touch many lives.  At 8 years old Gunnar already has a way of entering into peoples hearts with just a "Hello" and a smile.  When you ask him who's going to help him get through this illness,  his response is - " GOD and my FAMILY" Gunnar is our "Warrior" and we will be his  fighting army of support, comfort and LOVE. 

Latest Journal Update

End of Treatment!


Wow, done with treatment!  I will admit I am having many emotions.

Excited - done having to schedule night time snacks and when Gunnar can take his nightly meds.

Grateful - I look back at when this all started and it makes me sad but also grateful for all that we have learned.

Blessed - I personally have been able to strengthen my faith.  I know that no matter how rough the road is ahead that with my family and the power of God... we can do it.

Nervous - yep... nervous for many reasons.  It's all the unknown.  BUT - I'm going to do my best to not dwell there... I just can't!

We are all incredibly thankful.  That is why we would like to join anyone who can attend.  To join us in celebrating all of Gunnar's hard work.  We want to celebrate and say thank you for taking each step of this journey with our family.

When:   September 22, 2013
Time:     3pm - 5pm Open House
Where:  Cambridge Lutheran Church

This is our way of coming together to celebrate and say THANK YOU for all your prayers and continued thoughts and words of encouragement the past 2 1/2 years.

I have to share my daily devotional for today.
People were created for community. Jesus commissioned the church to be a body of believers, not a collection of individuals. Being connected to other people in loving relationships is important to a life filled with purpose and hope. When you are connected to a community of believers, you have a place to worship together, to support one another, and to have fellowship that can keep you walking steadily on God's path, even during the most difficult times.

Like I said.... I had to share this!

Love you all!

Kelly and Terry Nelson