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Greg’s Story

Welcome to our CaringBridge website. We've created it to keep friends and family updated about our loved one. Get started by reading the introduction to our website, My Story.

Greg had been sick the last few days.  After having a seizure this morning, the paramedics took him to the hospital.  After a CT scan, they determined he has a severe case of meningitis.  He was put into surgery to have part of his skull removed to release some pressure in his brain. As of right now, there are many unknowns, so please keep Greg, Jennie, Nevaeh and family in your thoughts and prayers.

Latest Journal Update

Update and new prayer request

I have been receiving some emails asking me to update Greg's status.  Thank you for asking.
Greg continues to improve in all areas.  He recently passed his driving test and now drives and has his own car.  He continues speech therapy with Robin and with North Memorial Hospital a few days a week.  He has been going to a group called coffee club and enjoys visiting with his friends.  Through the summer he is at home taking care of Nevaeh and in the evenings when Jennie is working, taking care of both Nevaeh and Noah.  Hard to believe Nevaeh is now in kindergarten and Noah turned one.  Jennie is busy working for ACR homes as a nurse.  Overall, Greg and family have been very blessed with good health.  Greg still needs to improve his speech as the brain sometimes sends mixed words.  Please pray for his speech to keep improving.
Dan and myself have come out of retirement and are now re-licensed again to do foster care.  We received a call in May to take 3 boys and then an hour later told they weren't going into foster care.  An hour after that we received a call to take a special needs baby that needed a lot of care.  Social Services said that hated asking us this since we had spent so much time at the hospital with Greg.  We said, are you kidding, God has been preparing us through Greg to be able to take care of this little baby.   In May we were blessed with a 7 month old girl.  Right now she is in her last stage of renal failure and is waiting for a kidney transplant.  So now this brings me to you:  Could you please keep her in your prayers:
Please pray for our foster daughter Sophia.  She is 11 months old and is in her last stage (stage5) of kidney failure and needs to have a kidney transplant.  She weighs 15 pounds and needs to be between 20 and 23 pounds.  Please pray for her to stay healthy until the time of transplant, not to need dialysis, to gain weight, and for a kidney donor.  Please pray for us as we take care of her and her special needs.
Please call Pam at 218-568-4209 if you would like to know more about being a kidney donor.
Here is the web site where you can go to and register to be a donor  Once the questionnaire has been completed, the potential donors will receive a call from a member of our living donor team.  I am unable to give out her personal information over the internet to get on the donor site, but if you call me I can help you to fill out the information needed to start the process.
Thank you for your continued prayers.
God Is Good All The Time

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Carl Van Marel
By Carl Van Marel
Dear Cousins,
I think of you often and send up some prayers. Thank you so much for the updates. It is so good that Greg is continuing to improve! You folks are amazing! God has a way of working through us to meet His needs and our needs--and the great part is you a listening and responding. Age is not a factor! Think young and you will feel young! Of course, you will always look young! Blessings to you and the rest of your family as you continue to serve Our Heavenly Father!
Mary Ling
By Mary Ling 218-820-8849
Thanks for the update as to the happenings in the Jäger family. I am so happy God is blessing all of you in His special way. I will keep Sophia in my prayers also. Hope everything continues good for you all. We are all doing good. Joe fell and broke his hip the last of July but doing good now. He broke it in 3 places. PT is still working with him and it is hard to keep him down and not do too much. But I thank God for taking care of us. Keep walking with Jesus.