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  • Written Feb 17, 2011 1:08pm

    Hello all - just wanted to clarify something.  A few people have made donations here at the Caring Bridge website (under the Donate Now link) thinking they go to Michelle & Zeb.  But wanted to make sure everyone realizes those donations do not go to Michelle & Zeb, but to the Caring Bridge website (which is a great resource for people with loved ones that are hospitalized and has provided a wonderful comfort to Michelle & Zeb). 

    So, just in case you need the information again about the account that has been set up in Bomar's honor:

    Donations can be sent to any Wells Fargo Bank, in the name of Gregg "Bomar" Tipton Donation Account or call 970.870.2038 and ask for Eva or Vanessa.

    Thank you on behalf of Michelle & Zeb and see you on the 26th and/or 27th.  Take care of yourselves.

    Terri Hoopes
  • Written Feb 11, 2011 4:30pm

    Forgot the picture that went with Chappers story
  • Written Feb 11, 2011 4:22pm

    One more GREAT story about Mr. Tipton.  Had to share it with our group.  For those that might not know, the Double R/Z bar has served as "the office" for Steamboat Locals for years.  The atmosphere is more than likely just like you see in any old  Western movie.  It is where work could be found, jobs got done and many a hard worker would end their day with a cold beer or something stronger.  Mike Dorr was already legendary around Steamboat and well known as someone you simply DID NOT MESS WITH!  I will Pat "Chapper" Chapman take it from here.

    "In honor of Bomar's Celebration of LIfe I wanted to share one more story with you. It was Bomar's first day as a bartender at the RR Bar,(Now what could possible go wrong there?), when he saw that Mike Dorr had a little too much to drink and if he would please leave the premises.  Mike"s big blue eyes squinted as he lunged across the bar and grabing Bomar's cowboy shirt, ripped it off his back, exposing just the collar and the two sleeve cuffs. Bomar then said, "Mike I still think you otta leave." With that Mike stormed out the door only to return with a brand new cowboy shirt and an apology. they had been friends ever since.

    This is just another story about a Steamboat legend that was loved and will be greatly missed by all his friends. God Love ya, Bomar.

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