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Grace’s Story

Many of you know our little girl was not due until March, but God used January 15, 2010, to introduce her to us. Anna had an emergency C-section, barely in the 33rd week of her pregnancy, and Grace was taken to the NICU. She was later diagnosed as having low blood sugar as a result of too much insulin-almost like diabetes in reverse.

Our current struggle is to get Gracie to eat properly. We're now in a out-patient program in Evansville, Indiana, in hopes of resolving her feeding disorder (a separate issue from her insulin disorder). We travel there several weeks at a time for intense daily therapy.

Thanks be to God for his lovingkindness.

Latest Journal Update


We've now gone to the clinic roughly every three weeks for three days at a time. This last visit was very successful. Grace can now consistently pick up her own cup of milk, drink an appropriate amount (without choking, etc.), and put it down. She is self-feeding some of her purees, but the consistency has to be just right (thick enough to stay on the spoon, etc.). Haven't seen a huge jump with table food yet, but this part is much better. 

Tim's able to go with us for the three-day stays, which is a big help, too. 

She still has some pretty significant sleeping issues, but I'll admit we're not tackling that much right now.

We're looking forward to visiting our families in Georgia in June and visiting our denomination's campgrounds/conference center while Tim has some business there.