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Gracelyn’s Story

Gracelyn is 11 years old and has Cystic Fibrosis. She was diagnosed when she was 2 years old. Gracelyn is a strong willed fighter.. As of October 4th 2013, Gracelyn has had her lung transplant!

Latest Journal Update


The transplant team is hoping Gracelyn just came down with something to explain her PFT's being lower.......Gracelyn had a nasal flush yesterday to test for a whole list of illnesses and viruses. Since she still has CF in her sinuses they want to be aggressive with the treatment for anything growing in there. We don't want it to drop down into her lungs.

The transplant team hasn't put any restrictions on her physically because she is feeling fine and acting normal. However, they may on school and gatherings of large people. ( lots of people equal lots of germs) great timing for the holidays:-( but I guess it's that time of year. Everybody is sick. The more she gets sick, the more risk she has of it turning worse.

They also started her on an antibiotic to treat anything she may have. The tests results should take 48 hours or so.

She also had a diabetic appointment yesterday. That went well. They tried again, to talk her into an insulin pump. I think the idea sounds great for her because she hates giving herself shots all day long. But it's her decision and she won't let anyone pressure her into it.

The Endrocrine doc was very happy with all her numbers.

Gracelyn and I said we won't be happy until we see her PFT numbers next week:-)
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2 Comentarios

Reina Perez
By Reina "Gramcrackers"
Father deal a deadly blow to all these symptoms and release your healing and antibodies in Gracelyn freeing her from diabetes and every virus that comes her way for your glory! Neutralize and eject anything attacking these precious lungs you have gifted her with and strengthen her immune system and seal it from this winter viruses and illnesses. In Yeshua's Name ! Thank you for the warrior princess you've created her to be! Love you Van Gorden Family! Continuing to stand in agreement for total healing
dorine keck
By dorine keck
Thanks for keeping us posted . We will keep praying
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