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Gracelyn’s Story

Gracelyn is 12 years old and has Cystic Fibrosis. She was diagnosed when she was 2 years old. Gracelyn is a strong willed fighter.. As of October 4th 2013, Gracelyn has had her lung transplant!

Latest Journal Update

Quick update

Gracelyn is feeling a little better and isn't so out of breath:-)

Children's hospital called me this afternoon and said, the ER doctor thought it was pneumonia but after the radiologist viewed the X-ray, he confirmed it was NOT;-)

Keep the prayers coming, she isn't back to her normal yet but let's hope she will be soon.
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8 Comentarios

Pam Lowry
By Pam Lowry
Prayers for you sweet girlie!
Rick Lee
By Rick Lee
Good news Gracelyn! Always thinking of ya!
Mark Suggs
By Mark Suggs
You are a true champion Gracelyn! You are in our prayers.
Cindy Cole
By Cindy Cole
Saying prayers and sending positive thoughts that Gracelyn will be feeling better soon. Hugs!
Mary Ryan
By Mary Ryan
Praise the good Lord!!
Reina Perez
By Reina "Gramcrackers"
Absolutely in agreement for full breath and back to all normal activities!! Thank you Father no pneumonia!!!
Sending my love!!!
Dean O'Brien
That's good news. Things seem to be moving in the right direction.
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Mary Jacobson
By Mary Jacobson
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