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November 21st 2013

We received a call tonight around 6:00pm. There is absolutely no sign of Gracelyn's body rejecting the new lungs! This is the day we have been waiting for. We were told if the results were good, we can schedule all of Gracelyn's appointments and most importantly schedule the last appointment here in Houston!!!!

We can't wait to leave. Though we are grateful to the transplant team at Texas Children's Hospital, we aren't going to miss a thing here. Well, maybe the mild winter:-)

No word yet on acid reflux test results. Gracelyn was having some heart burn so I am guessing she'll need to surgery to stop the acid from creeping up into the lungs.
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Alice Johnson
By Alice Johnson
So thankful for this wonderful news! Praying for continued health and a safe return to Minnesota very soon.
jayne wahlberg
By Jayne Wahlberg
This is GREAT news! We are so anxious to welcome you back to Minnesota! Just in time for Christmas and the wonderful winter wonderland of snow!!!!!

God has truly answered our prayers and blessed Gracelyn. What a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving this will be for all of you.
jayne wahlberg
By Jayne Wahlberg
This is great news! We are anxious to welcome you back to Minnesota just in time for Christmas and the snow! God has truly blessed Gracelyn. He has BIG plans for her!!!!
Tori Propst
By Tori Propst
Good news!!! Can't wait until you are all back here!
Cindy Burrington
By Cindy Burrington
Hip Hip Hooray!
Michele Roof
That is so amazing and so wonderful!! I cannot wait for you guys to get to come home!! Thinking of you all!
Kim Cain
By Kim Cain
Great news Linzi!! So happy for Gracelyn today. :)
Tammy Carlson
By Tammy Carlson
Fabulous news!
Margie Deutsch
By Margie Deutsch
Thank God for the miracles of medicine, family, medical staff, and donors. I am so happy for you all.
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Dan Walseth
By Dan Walseth
That a girl Gracelyn! Keep it up!