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November 8th 2013

Gracelyn is doing well. She had been having a little chest discomfort this week so, they ordered a chest xray to rule out anything serious. It showed absolutely nothing so, we were relieved. The surgeons said it is a common complaint because it is at the location where the new lungs were sewn in near her sternum. The transplant team also viewed the xray and said they were thrilled because they looked very clear and even better than her last xray.

Her bi-weekly labs were great this week. Everything showed normal. She is having some high blood pressure readings so, the Dr mentioned that they may put her on a new meds to lower her blood pressure. Her PFT's this week were 65%. She lost a 1/2 pound but they weren't too concerned because she is eating well.

Gracelyn is doing a little better on her blood sugars. They aren't low anymore. However, she has been eating so much more, its hard to guess what she is going to eat. We aren't used to her eating a lot of food. I don't think she is either.

She had to get her third dose of cytogam. Its a IV medications that lasts about 4 hours. She needs to have this because the donor lungs were positive for CMV. She will get another dose in two weeks, at 8 weeks post transplant, 12 weeks post transplant and around 16 weeks post transplant. They mentioned we are able to get the last dose in MN.

Cytomegalovirus infection is a viral infection that is dormant in most healthy people that carry it. However, can be fatal for persons having a weakened immune system.

This medication is used to prevent a certain serious viral infection (cytomegalovirus-CMV) in persons having an organ transplant (kidney, heart, liver, lung, pancreas). During the transplant process, the body's defense system (immune system) is weakened to prevent the body from attacking (rejecting) the new organ. A weakened immune system increases the risk of a serious, possibly fatal infection with CMV. This medication is made from healthy human blood that has a high level of certain defensive substances (antibodies) that help fight CMV.

P.S. Some friends posted some info on our guestbook, Please see it under Tracy Morgan
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April Anderson
By April & Peter
So glad to hear Gracelyn is doing well. We hope she will be up for another boat ride next summer!
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Diane Hoyos-Gomez
By Diane Hoyos-Gomez
Amazing...I am so happy for and friends...God Bless you.
Karen Limoseth
By Karen and.Bob
Sounds like the doctors are on top of everything. We're so happy Gracelyn is doing so well. Keep up the good work!! Love you all!
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