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Gracelyn’s Story

Gracelyn is 11 years old and has Cystic Fibrosis. She was diagnosed when she was 2 years old. Gracelyn is a strong willed fighter.. As of October 4th 2013, Gracelyn has had her lung transplant!

Latest Journal Update

Semi update


Eleven appointments down, two to go. The CT results are finally back and it showed something in her lungs that is not good. However, they can't tell if it's an infection or rejection without getting the bronchoscopy results. Her lungs sound clear, which is great. But her lung function tests were low.

She does have some positive news. She gained one of the pounds that she lost back. Her lung team thinks her weight loss is a result of her blood sugars being high lately.

We have an appointment when we get back to MN with an Endrocrine doc. Other than that, they aren't concerned and aren't paying much attention to the weight loss.

She saw a GI doc today. I am not sure if I mentioned it but she sometimes gets good suck in her esophagus ever since her fundo surgery. They did an upper GI and said it is very tight. They are going to try and loosen it tomorrow. This requires going under. She said, this is the first time she is excited to go under because she can't wait to be able to eat normal and not really slow, (like Grandpa.) ha