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Gracelyn’s Story

Gracelyn is 12 years old and has Cystic Fibrosis. She was diagnosed when she was 2 years old. Gracelyn is a strong willed fighter.. As of October 4th 2013, Gracelyn has had her lung transplant!

Latest Journal Update

Good news (for once)

As you know, Gracelyn has had a rough time since her surgery in March.

She has been out of breath with the little things we all take for granted. Like, walking up a flight of stairs, walking from the front of the school to the car. I teared up watching her walking around looking for Easter eggs and she became so out of breath she had to stop....It's heart breaking.

It has been unbearable at times. Sonny and I have also had the worst two months of our lives, watching our sweet little girl declining. ( once again)

A month ago, Gracelyn's home PFT machine did not register her lung function. Sonny and I didn't say anything to anyone because we have been terrified. The nurse in Texas said, " there must be something wrong with the machine." I said, " it works fine, I tried it myself." :-(

She kept saying... Give the medication time......give the medication time....,

Well, we did and we waited impatiently and I think it paid off!!!

Gracelyn is not out of the woods yet but there has been a great deal of improvement. Her lung function went from not registering to slowly registering to getting a tad better with each week that goes by. They are still awful numbers but getting better. So, we'll take it:-)

We are happy so say, she can finally walk home from school and walk to school with no problems. She even ran in gym class the other day, thou it was a short distance but hey, like I said... Going from being out of breath if she'd turn around running a short distance in gym! Yay!!!

Sonny and I are very happy.

I emailed the nurse in Texas today with all the medical info with her vitals, O2 stats, blood sugar info and the tiny bit of PFT improvement.... I was scared for her response..... Thinking it would say, get into the clinic right away......

One minute later I got a response that only said,

"Praise God"

Let's all continuing to pray the lung function only improves with more time.

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Janice Eason
By Janice Eason
Praise God indeed!! Prayers will continue
susan kelzenberg
By the kelzenbergs
so good to hear good news. the prayers are continuing on this end.
Reina Perez
By Reina "Gramcrackers"
Praise God indeed!!!
No turning back keep going Father. Keep healing!! So thankful for good report! Love you warrior princess
Karen Limoseth
By Great Grandma & Grandpa
We are so happy to finally get this breath of good news!! We will continue to have faith and pray for Gracelyn and your family. We love you all!
Rick Lee
By Rick Lee
Great news everyone! Great going Gracelyn!!!!!!!
Mary Yapp
By Mary Yapp
Rejoicing in the bits of sunshine peaky through this cloudy time and praying a rainbow and sunny days will appear soon!
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Jen Martinson
By Jen Martinson
So glad to hear it!
1 person hearted this
Mary Jacobson
By Mary Jacobson
Praise God and Amen! This was the news I was praying for this morning. :) Prayers continue daily for all of you!
1 person hearted this
lynette kulkay
By lynette kulkay
So happy to hear...GOD IS GOOD!!!!!
1 person hearted this