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Grace’s Story

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5/21/08 What happened?

Grace was involved in a auto accident on the Golden Gate Bridge on Wednesday May 21st, 2008. She had just picked up her daughter, Sabrina from School. Sabrina was taken to Marin General Hospital. She suffered a concussion, a broken hand and cuts and bruises. She was released the following day. Mack, the dog was in the car as well. He suffered minor injuries and was taken by the Humane Society to a San Rafael Pet Emergency hospital and was released the following morning and is doing well. Grace has sustained multiple internal injuries and broken bones. She was airlifted to John Muir Hospital in Walnut creek and taken into surgery immediately. She is presently at Kentfield Hospital.

The Grace Dammann Fund

The donations account now exists, at Wells Fargo Bank. The account is called 'The Grace Dammann Fund.' Donations can be sent to Pauline Tesler's law office, address below. Checks can be made out to Pauline, for benefit of Grace Dammann, or to the Grace Dammann Fund. All donations will be used for the benefit of Grace and Sabrina, immediate and longer term.

Should anyone prefer to make an anonymous donation, Wells Fargo maintains a donations account roster that is available at all Wells Fargo Bank branches. Donors can go to a branch bank and ask to make a direct deposit into the Grace Dammann Fund. In that situation, neither I nor Fu nor anyone else will know the identity of the donor. That means that later, if and when Grace can become aware of all the spiritual and material support and love that is pouring toward her, she would not know the identity of that donor to give personal thanks.

Pauline H. Tesler
Tesler, Sandmann & Fishman
163 Miller Avenue, Suite 4
Mill Valley, California 94941
Telephone: (415)383-5600
Facsimile: (415)383-5675