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Celebrate the life of our daughter and sister, Gianna Caeli, who was diagnosed 10/15/2010 with Trisomy 18.
She was born at home 12/22 and lived 14 wonderful days, departing this life for Eternity on 1/5/11.  

We honor the gift she is to us and to the world.
Gianna (jee-AHN-uh) "God's grace"   
Caeli (CHAY-lee or KAY-lee) "(from) Heaven"

Trisomy 18 is not a one-size-fits-all diagnosis, and certainly not a prognosis. It shouldn’t automatically be considered a condition which is incompatible with life!!

Gianna was conceived in March 2010, and is our 12th child.  She is sister to four siblings who've gone Home early to God: Kelly (m/c 1996), Loren Joseph (stillborn 35 weeks, anencephaly, 1999), Tess Elena (m/c 2002), Fiona Maeve (m/c 2010) and has seven living siblings here on earth: Ean, Erin, Kate, Claire, Aidan, Jack, and Joseph.

We announced Gianna's conception to our children out at the Hendry Farm on Easter Sunday - how appropriate to announce new life on THE DAY of NEW LIFE - by placing a poem in an Easter egg, which, when opened, shared the good news.  The children were ecstatic!

AM had a sense from very early on that something was amiss with the baby, but kept quiet about her intuition for months. 

On 10/1, at her regular midwife appointment, some measurements were off, so she requested a fetal survey ultrasound, done locally 10/5.  The scan showed three areas of concern (two vessel umbilical cord, enlarged area of the brain, and excess amniotic fluid) any one of which occurring in isolation wouldn't be a concern, but together pointed at something more serious. 

AM googled incessantly and discovered Trisomy 18.  She hoped against hope that baby didn't have it, but wasn't surprised on 10/14, when visiting Swedish Perinatal Medicine, that the scan and amniocentesis confirmed the suspicion. 

That was the day Gianna Caeli received her name. 

Leaving Swedish, we made plans for a death instead of a birth, but were subsequently exceedingly surprised to learn that children with Trisomy 18 can and do live, some for years.  It is our prayerful hope that Gianna will live outside AM for as long as God wills it...and for the Grace needed to accept whatEVER may be His will.

We are grateful for the chance to parent Gianna (and all her siblings) and feel so thankful God has sent her to us.


Ann Marie Henninger posted a new journal entry, "Giannaversary".

Today marks the third anniversary of Gianna's death.  She died in my arms three years ago this morning, surrounded by her family.In honor of this day, we had the Rite of ... Read more

The Eames Family signed Gianna Caeli's Guestbook.

We share our hearts and prayers with you all on this third anniversary of Gianna's going home.  We love you all. Read more

Love, Lynne signed Gianna Caeli's Guestbook.

It was so special to finally see Gianna, to touch her and hold her - even after her soul had departed from this life - because of your beautiful prayer vigil for her in ... Read more

Lynne, Eric, Maximilian, Dominic, Stella and Lucy signed Gianna Caeli's Guestbook.

We wish we could be there, dear Henninger Family.  Ohio feels especially far at times like this....    On 5 January we'll be celebrating the Epiphany of our Lord, ... Read more

Ann Marie Henninger posted a new journal entry, "Rite for Miscarriage".

The Rite for Miscarriage will be performed for Sara Noelle Henninger on January 5, 2014 at 1pm at Ocean View Cemetery.Father Nathe will preside and he will also bless the ... Read more

Sarah Garrett signed Gianna Caeli's Guestbook.

AM~So very sorry to hear that you have surrendered yet another wee one to the creator.  You are in my prayers.((Hugs))Sarah G Read more

Lauren S. signed Gianna Caeli's Guestbook.

Holding you in loving light as you let go of the dreams you had of having Sara Noelle in this earthly realm. She is resting in good company. Read more

Mandy & Terry Pruss signed Gianna Caeli's Guestbook.

Dear Henninger Family, So sad to hear of your loss. May peace surround you this Advent and Christmas Season. With love, Read more

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