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Glen’s Story

Welcome to the CaringBridge website for the Glen Nelson family. We've created it to keep friends and family updated. Get started by reading the introduction to our website, My Story.

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On Saturday night March 17th, Glen and Julie were struck by an oncoming vehicle and were airlifted to Regions Hospital in St. Paul.

Julie suffered significant brain injuries and internal damage.  She passed away early Sunday morning.

The medical staff does not believe that Glen suffered any brain injuries or life-threatening internal injuries.  He did, however, suffer many broken bones throughout his entire body and has gone through a number of surgeries thus far.  

Doctors have placed Glen in a medically-induced coma to restrict his movements.  They expect to keep him in this coma for at least the next several days.

We ask that you keep Glen in your thoughts in prayers, and we also ask that you keep Julie and Glen's two boys, Trevor and Collin in your thoughts and prayers.

The family is arranging Julie's funeral and will update this site when the details are finalized.

Latest Journal Update

Thinking of Julie

It is hard to believe how quickly time goes by.   Julie will always be held close to our hearts and never be forgotten. Glen and Julie always took such pride in raising their boys and she would be so proud of her family and the wonderful job that Glen continues to do with Trevor and Collin.  Continue to watch over us and guide us Julie, we love you so much!

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Mary Grupe
By Mary Gupe — last edited
So proud of you, Glen. You and the boys have been such an inspiration to me in the past 2 months dealing with Charlie's sickness. Julie will never be forgotten. Blessings.
Darcy Blaha
Just last night, while staying with our grandkids, Owen & Hannah Schwechler, Hannah & I talked of the terrible events of 3 years ago. Now, every time we see Glen and the boys at high school events, we marvel at Glen and the wonderful job he is doing with Trevor and Collin. Surely Julie is watching over them with great pride every day. God bless all of you!
Becky Butler
By Sincerely, Becky (Weiss) & Scott Butler :) :)
'Thought of your families today as I heard the weatherman talking about the beautiful temperature and compared it to St. Patty's Day 3 years ago. --- 'Sending prayers of encouragement and support as you continue on your journeys. --
Kris Larson
I was just talking about Julie the other day.
Missing her so much....Remembering her beautiful soul...
Lori Jurek
By Lori Jurek
Just Sunday afternoon my daughter and I were talking about Julie and how proud she surely is of Glen and the boys. They are all amazing men... Many blessings to all of those who knew, love and miss Julie.
Lori Morris
By — last edited
I have recently chaperoned a bus trip to Orlando, Florida. Both Trevor & Collin accompanied the St. Croix Central band...I remember Julie every time I see the boys. They both have her smile and genuine kindness. Julie would've loved the trip! She was so involved and would have enjoyed the adventure. I sense that Julie was watching the whole time....beaming with pride for her young men. Thinking of you, Glen. Please know that many prayers surround you.
lisa thomson
Julie continues to be near and dear in my heart and thoughts. We miss her so much at work. Her infectious smile and spirit are always in our minds! Many Many prayers and blessings to you, Glen, and the boys! Thinking of you all....Lisa Thomson
Jonalee Buckel
By Chris and Jonalee Buckel
Julie's spirit certainly shines on in her boys--they are such great kids! :) Thinking of all of you.
Barbara Dull
By Barb Dull
We continue to remember Julie as well. Enjoy reading the accomplishments of the two great young men. that glen continues to raise. Julie is proud!!!