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Geraldine Knutson better known as "Gerri" was in a car accident on Friday, August 16th in downtown Valley City, ND.  She was hit head on by a person traveling at an excessive speed due to a seizure.  Gerri was waiting to turn left at an intersection and they figure the impact was approximately 70+ mph.  She was taken to Mercy Hospital by ambulance and transferred to Sanford Health in Fargo.  She was admitted to CCU with numerous broken and shattered bones.  On Monday afternoon she was transferred from CCU to the 5th floor surgical unit.  Yesterday was her third surgery and one more  scheduled for Thursday of this week with another one Monday or Tuesday of next week.  She has a strong faith in God and is a strong fighter who is responding well to surgeries.  Gerri will have a long recovery ahead of her.  Gerri is able to speak to us, but very limited due to heavy sedation.  You can view the accident site at  She is presently in Room 596 on 5th Floor at Sanford Health, Fargo, ND.


Becky Schroeder signed Geraldine (Gerri)'s Guestbook.

Hi Gerri,Sorry to hear that you've had to endure the flu.  Glad that you and your sister and family are better.  When you get home we will have to have a party!!  So ... Read more

Margaret Winkler signed Geraldine (Gerri)'s Guestbook.

Oh, so sorry you have all been under the weather.  Thank you for seeing Geri got where she needed to be, anyway.  Glad to hear all is going well and Geri will be able to ... Read more

Vonnie Sandland posted a new journal entry, "Gerri".

It has been a long time since last update.  Sorry, we have all been sick with influenza (Gerri) and bronchitis (me).  John didn't escape it either.  He caught a bad ... Read more

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Hi Gerri....Should have written a note sooner.  Dealing with Lydia at Valley Rental.  My Mom is now in the Rudolf Square.  When I go there I think I should see you ... Read more

Becky Schroeder signed Geraldine (Gerri)'s Guestbook.

Hi Gerri!Sorry to hear that you are still having pain.  On the plus side, it's too cold to be outside.  Hopefully, by summer you'll be able to enjoy the great ... Read more

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Good morning Gerri,Thank you for the update.  I'm sorry you have to deal with the pain in your leg.  I wish I could take it away.... but I can pray for you, for your ... Read more

Vonnie Sandland posted a new journal entry, "Monday February 3rd".

Gerri is getting along pretty good.  She still has a nurse and therapist stop in each week.  Her leg is still giving her lots of problems with swelling and is pretty ... Read more

Vonnie Sandland posted a new journal entry, "Sunday, January 19th".

Gerri had her splint taken off on Friday.  She is unable to lift anything heavier than a cup of coffee or pencil and paper with that arm.  The pain is letting up.  Next ... Read more

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Thanks for the update Vonnie!  Gerri, I'd tell you to go stick your arm in the snowbank to relieve the pain, but then you'd have frostbite, so don't do it!  :)    It ... Read more

Vonnie Sandland posted a new journal entry, "Update on Gerri's surgery".

Gerri had her surgery yesterday. We got there at 4:30 a.m. and didn't get home until after 2:00 p.m. Needless to say, I was totally exhausted from not much sleep. The ... Read more

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