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Georgia’s Story

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My name is Georgia, I am 7yrs of age. I was diagnosed with a Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma on the 15th June 2008.

Just beore leaving for school Georgia shouted "mum I can see two of everything out of my eye"  Georgia could see two of everything out of her left eye. She was not dizzy, or ill. 

"We will call into the optometrist and get them to have a quick look at your eye beore you go to school."

Georgia loves playing Australian Football and plays with a mixed team for the Sharks. She played on the Sunday then complained of double vision out her left eye the next day. I thought she must have had a knock to the head as it can be a full on game even at this age. Off we went to see the optometrist. Not a thing was seen so we booked an appointment with our G.P. We could not get into the GP until the end of the week,  I was uneasy with that. 
 Fortunatley that evening I went to work, I am a nurse in the operating room. I was in he theatre where the neurosurgeon was working. We had a chat. Her face said it all. "Dont leave that Maggie" she said and she arranged for me to see an opthamolist the next day. Still nothing was seen but the opthalmologist booked an MRI for the next day. By this time I was not worried as there was no evidence that anything was wrong and nobody else seemed worried and the majority of brain tumours you have idea of before the MRI and we had nothing to suggest any problems.
During the MRI I new something was wrong. Lots of people kept coming and going and we were in their for nearly one and a half hours. Georgia did so well to stay in the scanner for that length of time. When we came out of the MRI machine,  the radiologist said you need to go straight back to the opthlamologist I have seen something. I did not ask I just picked up the MRI scans and walked out. I never looked at the MRI I just left it in the packet. Georgia asked me what we were doing as she was keen to get back to school I just looked at her so innocent, no idea of the impending doom we had to face. I was numb and not sure if I could get to the opthamologist clinic. I felt ill and confused.  Deep down I new it was bad.
 Driving around for ages not knowing where or what I was doing. My husband and the Dr were getting very worried about Georgia and I.  We eventually made it to the Drs rooms, where he told us the news. We were devastated our daughter a brain tumour you must be wrong. Its something you read about in magazines that cant be right. "Where is it I asked," in the Pons was the reply from the Dr.  I new this would be a nightmare "what!"  I screamed "are you sure?  it cant be." " Its a bloody disaster in the Pons " I shouted. Its in the worst area you can get one. I immediatley began to feel sick,  cry,  and make lots of quiet screaming noises as our daughter was playing with toys in the waiting room outside the door.   I didnt want her to hear me. We were in total shock. My husband was pale and numb and said nothing, just in total shock.  It took our family many weeks to get to grips with this diagnosis.  The more we searched for medical miracles the more we realized we need that miracle.  DIPG is the worst tumour you can ever imagine. Sitting there happily in the brain stem vertually untouchable. At the moment we are symtom free as Georgia ended her treatment 4th Sept. She endured 6 wks of radiation treatment with a sensitising agent to make the radiaition more effective.   We read many of the other DIPG stories on the caringbridge website and we are aware of what can happen to our daughter and our family.
 Georgia has a 10yr old brother called Aaron who is a quiet boy but Aaron and Georgia play with each other constantley.  He has an idea things are going to be hard.  The other day he said "Georiga is a good sister, she is going to be okay mum isnt she?" " Georgia isnt going to die is she?"  I stood their in disbeleif and said  " We dont know whats going to happen  darling but we are all going to do our best for Georgia. "

Thats our story. Please leave messages if you need to.




Latest Journal Update


Hi everyone,
Havent sent message for ages... You know what it gets like a game of survival sometimes.  We seem to be settling down a little now turning a little corner into hope. The hole where we have been is hell I know that now. But we have to be grateful we have managed as a family and we are seeing the light at last,So many families collapse under the strain and it is a big big strain. 
This year I continue to go from one health issue to another but all what I can manage. Many of the stress related issues fall into the cancer bracket so I am thankful for what I dont have. Just make sure you try and look after yourselfs as well as your gorgeous children Without you mums and dads there is no hope for them.
Georgia would have left school for senior high today and I wanted to catch up with so many of you mums. I hope you are all okay. I do speak to some of you on a regular basisi.  Ive thought about the girls and boys moving on and its like the end of another chapter. All the kids growing up. I know many never forget. I was so pleased that Berni won the last memorial race at school this sports carnival day. GO BERNI..... This child had been wanting to win it or years and she did it this year. A lovely friend of Geogrias.  Nobody will ever orget her. We certainly will never forget not a minute goes by we dont all think of her. Sounds sick but I was going to get an older photo impression done to see how she would have been but im sure if thats a great idea. Maybe just remember her as she was and still is  our fighter and HERO... 
Love to you all for a wonderful christmas. Im saying that with tongue in cheek as dont forget I know I wear the mask.....


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Michelle Burgess
By Michelle Burgess
Thinking of you and Georgia as Christmas approaches and January draws ever closer. Can't believe it will be 5 years soon since we lost our babies. Love and hugs to you Maggie.

Michelle - Ethan's Mommy
Kim Vaughn
By Kim Vaughn
Georgia would be beautiful...I know she's forever your gorgeous girl. It's good to hear from you, Maggie. I'm glad things are going okay for your family. My prayers continue for you and your family. I know Georgia is loved and missed. Sending my love to you all through this holiday season ♥
Denise Marshall
By Denise Marshall
I often think what if...Prayers to you all.
Carol Gannon
By Mark, Carol, Emma, Daniel and Christopher
Maggie sending our love and best wishes to you all in this silly season! We think of Georgia always. Must try for a catch up soon!
Lynn Duncan
By Lynn Duncan
She would have been stunning and amazing... and she was.
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