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  • Memorial

    Written Oct 15, 2012 9:20pm

    To all who love Gaye,
    We want you to know about plans for a
    Memorial Service and Procession
    Our wonderful Gaye passed away peacefully and surrounded by love in the early morning of October 14th. A gathering to celebrate her life is planned for Sunday, October 21st in the Pioneer Hall at the Kenai Peninsula College, beginning at 2pm and followed by a procession through town, stopping in locations where Gaye contributed so much of her time and passion.
    The procession will conclude at the Pratt Museum at 5:30pm with a fire-art enactment of honoring and releasing, a potluck and sharing of stories.
    Mavis and Rika

  • A New Day

    Written Oct 14, 2012 10:57am

    to all that love and care for gaye

    at 3 am my dearest most precious one has slipped the surly bonds of this earthly plane.  good-bye for now.   we'll meet again in the kingdom of Jehovah where no more pain and suffering will occur.  no more sorrow!

    sam i am
  • Moving to room 512

    Written Oct 13, 2012 8:10pm

    Hi, Diane here.  They will move Gaye to a more quiet regular room in the hospital in the hour.  She is doing better. Getting 100 % oxygen from a tiny little canula in her nose, and calories through an IV, and she is looking alert and doing well on pain meds.  She cannot speak yet, but she is smiling, shaking her head up and down or sideways to answer questions.  She is very weak, but mentally right with us.

    Since she does not  need to be in Critical Care anymore, thank goodness, she can go to a larger more quiet room, and Sam will be able to stay with her. 

    Ruby Haigh and I are here with Sam, and it is snowing here!!

    She smiled when I told her we needed to get the heck out of here and get to Mexico.  She truly looks beautiful now - like our Gaye.

    There is still a lot of healing to do, and she seems willing for that. If she doesn't have something else befall her, next week they will have a rheumotologist check on her.  We have made it clear that there are to be no more pokes, blood work, or ventilator for her.  We must see if she can do this on her own now.

    I  held the phone to Gayes ear and Mavis spoke to her - it worked!  She was fully aware, and is fully awake now.

    So, we are holding our breathes collectively........  keep prayers up, Diane

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