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Summer begins!

Gavin completed 2nd grade!!  He made so much progress this year.  Being there most of the year, except some of Nov-December due to the blood clot he was able to grow and also retain knowledge.  The previous 17 months he was barely in school, received home bound or worked with me.  Every time he seemed to regain skills he once had, a brain surgery or complication would interfere and he would regress.  It was so heartbreaking to watch his brain go through the trauma and not be able to do things he could. Today he is moving forward in all areas.  This morning as I sent him off for his last day of 2nd grade I was filled with so much joy.  He is winning this fight. Finally, I feel like his treatment is making him improve in comparison to treatment making his quality of life harder just to keep him alive. 

So Gavin is officially a 3rd grader!!  This means Grace is a 4th grader and my baby Gage (what??) is going into Kindergarten.  After school today we celebrated the start of summer by going to my parents pool super close to us.  Gavin swam for almost 2 hours.  His favorite things to do were to race Gage, play shark, hold onto my hands while I spin in circles and today's #1 activity, JUMP into the pool :)  He must have jumped in at least 30 times, no exaggeration.  His catheter did fall out when he got dressed (it was already loose) so my sister in law Azra who is a nurse came over to put a new one in.  She learned how to insert it last Friday with Gav's home nurse, for situations like today when it falls out or Gav wants to swim.  It can stay in for up to a week but we will need to change it more frequently if Gav swims more or is more active.  Even if we have to change it 2-3 times a week, it is better than 2 stinging pokes every day. 

Plans for summer??  Well, as I mentioned Gav is to be a kid.  I will be sharing more specific plans as far as Gav's treatment very soon, after The Doctors airs Monday.  I am so excited but a little nervous now that it is actually airing on National TV (and a few other countries)! Eeek.  I am thinking tomorrow or Friday they will start previewing the episode.  Watch the Childrens Hospitals of MN website and facebook for updates too. 

Gavin is passed out.  What a great day today was!

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Deborah Scully
By Deborah Scully
Were I live we get The Doctors at 9:00 in the morning. I recorded it and just watched it. Don't miss watching this show.
Sherry Vargason
By Rich Vargason
Fun to hear of the progress. Have a great summer and just enjoy your family.
Kelly Kallestad
By Kelly Kallestad
Fun post!! So great to hear Gavin is just enjoying being a boy!