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The Doctors show!

Ok, we can finally share the air date!! It is Monday, June 16th at 2 pm Central time on Channel 11 locally (NBC).

Please share with everyone!!

Thanks! Nicole
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Heidi Chester
By Heidi Chester
Yeah! Cant wait to watch this!!
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Robert Saumweber
By Robert Saumweber
Thank you for posting the info. We can't wait to see it.

Bob and Kate
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Jim Maydelle Fennick
By Jim Maydelle Fennick
Thanks we were waiting to hear this. Love Maydelle and Jim
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Marian Neumann
By Marian Neumann
I will let my family know about this. Good Luck Gavin!! Keep on improving!!! Miracles do happen!!
From cousins, Marian & Butch
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Tammy T
By Tammy
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