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Track and Field

Gavin had a great day, although a warm one.  We are finally getting some warm weather in MN!  Today Gavin had track and field (I attached a picture).  He participated in 8 events.  For the running events, he was allowed to have a head start.  He said his favorite was tug of war.  His goal is to run the entire length of the running events next year.

What I love best about Gavin is that despite not being fast right now, or being the most agile he is still happy with what he can do.  The pre brain tumor Gavin would have been running at the front of the line and it's hard to see him not be able to perform at the same level as he used to.  Rather than focus on this, he just looks forward and tells me he is going to get better at running and get stronger for next time.  If only all of us (myself included) could just be happy with what we have, rather than what we don't have.  We would truly know happiness.  It really is a choice you know.  Gavin has helped me see this. 

After a long day at track and field, Gavin swam at my parents house!  He was really swimming, without a life jacket, without fear - just swimming.  It was so nice to see him be active and happy and do something he hasn't for a couple of years.  2 summers ago, he had 3 craniotomies and spent the summer in the hospital.  Last summer, he was improving in many areas but just not ready to swim by himself.  He did go in with a lifejacket but always was nervous and never wanted to stay in long.  Today he was in there for at least an hour!  Progress.  I am so proud of him.

Gavin is on day 11 of Palbo, so half way through his cycle.  He is looking forward to summer!!  Who isn't right?!?  The days of playing with my kids and loving them up and being free from schedules - sounds like heaven.  I think I will work with Gavin early in the morning when his brain is the most alert (he loves getting up around 6 am:).  He will get more out of it, and we will have the rest of the day for fun being that his sister likes to sleep in until at least 9 in the summer.  She is my daughter.  I would love to sleep that late every day!  The Doctors Show is coming up soon!! I will post the date and time soon - I promise you will not miss it.  Once I have confirmation I will post it. 

I will be putting together another order for Gavin's Army shirts if anyone is interested.  More to come on that :)
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Heidi Chester
By Heidi Chester
Please let us know when you place another order for the army shirts! I would love to order one and wear it for Gavin! Love the track and field picture, looks like so much fun!
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lori lattrez
By Lori lattrez
I would love to order so e shirts, didn't know you were selling them, he looked awesome in front doing tug a war, the smile was so big...can't wait for the show...let me know how to order the shirts..,,
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cathy kulla
By Aunt Cathy
that is awesome that Gavin had a fun track and field day. and swimming is so good for his body! if you guys are ever in the Burnsville area stop by for a visit. and I would love to see the Gavins Army shirts I can see a bit or it in the above picture.
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Deborah Kourgelis
By Deborah Kourgelis
How wonderful to hear about him swimming freely!!! Would love to buy shirts!!!
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Kathleen Conard
By Kathleen Conard
Great to see a picture of Gavin looking so good enjoying his track and field event. Wishing for you and the family a great summer.
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Brenda Siems
By Brenda Siems
It was fun having him in my lane at the track again this year! When he crossed the finish line, he said "Let's get this day going!"
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