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Gavin's MRI today

Gavin did a great job this morning at his MRI.  He took Ativan,an anti-anxiety med at home and this really helped keep him calm.  Well, actually he was singing and dancing and being silly, so it was like we gave him a few margaritas really, lol!  He went into the MRI area and was chatting with us right up to the point of being sedated.  He did cover his face, cry a little and yell out "sleepy medicine" just to let us know he knew what we were up to, but within about 10 seconds he was sleeping.

The nice thing is that he does not remember being sedated this time.  In fact, he kept asking me when he has to do his MRI because he cannot remember anything about doing it.  He woke up after about 30 min after the scan, hungry and ready to "run" out of there.  He was still pretty dizzy from the sedation meds so we took a wheelchair ride instead! 

We saw Dr. Schultz and Dr. Petronio together and reviewed how things are going for Gavin at home, discussed his eyes and how his glasses seem to be helping him with the burning sensation he often got before the glasses when trying to focus.  Overall, everything was very stable.  I cannot share the specific details just yet, as the Doctors show will be now airing in mid June.  They will be sharing our story, the laser and results;)

For now, Gavin has been instructed to just be a kid for awhile.  His medications did not change much, but he is ridding himself of his PICC line.  Halle, his home nurse will be removing it from his arm on Thursday.  NO MORE PICC!!  So excited about this.  He can swim, play, and wrestle without it getting in the way.  Also, we get to take something off the list to do every morning and night with flushes, and weekly dressing changes. 

I am very happy that Gavin's scan and sedation went smoothly, and that we have no bad news from today's results.  Thank you for always checking on Gavin, it means a lot to our family.  Enjoy this beautiful weather!
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Angela Reinders
By Angela Reinders
This is so wonderful to hear! Can't wait to see you on The Doctors :)
Elizabeth Beaulieu
By Elizabeth Beaulieu
Thank you God. I am so happy!
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Kelly Schroeder
By Kelly schroeder
So happy to hear everything went well:-) Gavin you are a great kid with a wonderful family:-) I'm feeling a bit like you, just want to run and jump with this great weather! I hope the weather continues to be wonderful! Keep up all that running and jumping and have a blast!!
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Deborah Scully
By Deborah Scully
Wonderful, glorious news. Can't wait to find out more information. Rejoice and enjoy life. Much love.
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Tammy T
By Tammy
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Pat McGee
Glad that the test went well
Will continue to keep all in my prayers/thoughts each day.
Love & Peace always dear ones
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