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First baseball game

Gavin had his first baseball game this morning with Miracle League in Blaine.  It was a beautiful morning for it!  Gavin was so excited to bat, and he did wonderful - hitting on the first or second try each time at bat.  He played first base with Dad, as all players can have a buddy with them in the field.  He threw a nice ball from first to the pitcher (coach).  It was a non threatening atmosphere, with all types of kiddos.  I was nervous about him not liking it because it is not with his friends, but he didn't care - just wanted to bat and run and get the ball a few times. 

He woke up at 6 am this morning, played baseball from 10-11 and then ate lunch.  Now he is taking a nice afternoon nap.  He is almost done with his cycle of Palbo (Monday) so the fatigue hits him hard.  Grace and I went for a bike ride and also sat on the dock at a nearby lake. We just sat and talked with the sun on our face.  It was awesome.  I love her so much and she is growing up too fast.  I am trying to make up for lost time with everything going on the past couple of years.  She is so smart and amazing.

Gavin is feeling well other than being tired. I think finally, we are all done being sick.  Next week Gavin has a neuropsychologist appt and an orthotics appt.  They are changing his orthotics to just a foot insole because the current ones seem to give his ankles too much support, making them actually weaker.  His feet are the main issue I guess, it's all a little confusing.  Mainly, when he walks his knees end up going inward, and his ankles turn because of his feet.  I think that's right...

Thursday there is an event at Ramsey Elementary called "Stomp Joe Bully".  It's a mile walk put on by Girls Scout Troop 16146, which has girls Gav knows from school.  They are so sweet and sent him a card where they all signed it and let him know they are thinking about him.  The kids at Ramsey are very compassionate.  If anyone would like to come, it is at 4:30 pm and the troop is collecting gift cards for Gavin.  We are very touched and thankful that the girls are doing this (and of course I know that those wonderful moms behind them are doing so much as well :).

10 days until the big MRI.  God please give us encouraging results.  We had great results last time and it seems like Gavin is doing great from our perspective.  The hard part about these scans, is that we just don't know.  Gav has been known to have surprises - some that immediately admit him to the hospital or require surgery.  I am fairly confident it will not be one of those kinds of surprises, and am so hopeful for a good surprise!  He needs to hear that Joe Bully is dormant and down for the count.  I hope to be able to share more precise details about the tumor and the results of the 2 laser procedures after this scan :)

The Doctors show is coming soon.  We may only get a couple days notice but as soon as I am given confirmation of the date I will post here.  What else is going on in our lives?  Much of the time, normal stuff which feels so good.  This morning, Gavin woke me up and I was so tired so he said I will go see if Gage wants to play mom, you can go back to sleep.  I woke up nearly two hours later to hear them running around, laughing and yelling and being boys.  This is what normal is, I thought to myself.  This is what we fight for - these moments for Gavin to be a kid.

Happy Mothers Day to all of you wonderful mothers out there!
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Elizabeth Beaulieu
By Elizabeth Beaulieu
I just wanted to introduce myself. I have a daughter who was born with an immature intracranial teratoma. There are so few people out there in our shoes, so I just wanted to say hello! My daughter is 14 months old, and doing well. We worry about a recurrence everyday though. I will pray for good MRI results for Gavin.
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Jamie Groth
By Jamie Groth
I'm so glad he enjoyed the baseball. We play out there on Thursday nights and its been great.
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Jim Maydelle Fennick
By Jim Maydelle Fennick
Nikki and Steve,
So glad for great news for your family. Have a wonderful Mother's Day. You would win any contest for "Mother of the year". Gavin is blest with a great family.

Love , Hugs and Prayers all around,
Maydelle and Jim Fennick
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Katrina Reed
By Katrina Reed
Thanks for the update! Many prayers to you and your family Gavin ♥ I hope to visit you soon because I bought you a gift :) much love from the Reed family
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Kathleen Conard
By Kathleen Conard
Happy Mother"s Day tomorrow. Glad you have been able to enjoy your children on this nice Saturday. Wishing you more joy tomorrow on your special day.
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