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Over being sick - onto other things!

Gavin was sick 3 days this week.  He had tummy issues and a sore throat, as well as a fever Monday - Tuesday.  He finally went to school today and feels better!  He came home with a 100% spelling test, I am so proud of him.  Granted, he is doing some of the first grade lists right now (he missed most of them last year) but still this is a great step in the right direction :) Also I compared his spelling test from 2 months ago to now and he is writing harder and more clear compared to very squiggly lines and light pencil.  His fine motor skills are improving :) I am going to hope this is a sign of Joe Bully going (as Gage and Gav spell out and yell) D.O.W.N!

Gavin got his handsome new glasses this week.  They are super cute and make him look like a little man.  He says they are really helping him see clearer.  Yesterday (while sick) he read on Raz kids, which is an online reading program for over 2 hours! I kept telling him he could stop and he kept saying "no Mom, look how far I am getting"!  I wonder if being able to see better was behind his new motivation.  I have not seen him this motivated to read for awhile, ok actually maybe never.

Physically Gavin is really improving as well.  He's been doing the bike, scooter, climbing the rock wall and some other challenging activities at Physical Therapy.  He is getting leaner and stronger and his balance keeps improving.  Tomorrow Gavin is going to the opening day for Miracle League Baseball in Blaine.  He will be playing on Saturdays at 10:30 am if anyone would like to come cheer him on sometime.  His Gym teacher sent me information about this league.  It is for children with any type of disability and they play with a buddy.  I think it will be fun and a great way to re-enter baseball.  Gav was about to start his 3rd year of baseball when he was diagnosed 2 years ago.  He really wants to play this year, but is still on blood thinners, and needs to improve physically before he would be ready to play with his friends from school. 

This weekend Gavin has the class monkey - Brownie.  He is taking the job very seriously lol ;)  Thie monkey is going to have a great weekend with Gav.  Tomorrow, after the baseball opening, we are going to his cousin Jameson's 2nd birthday party.  Tomorrow evening he has a "date" with Louisa, his great friend.  We are all going actually - Jill (Louisa's mom and my friend) with her kids Louisa and Ty, and my friend Denise.  We are doing dinner and going to a play, should be fun!  Sunday we are finally going to make it to church!  We have either been out of town, sick or busy for weeks and we miss seeing the amazing people there!

Gavin still has a PICC line in his arm.  When he was at the hospital Wednesday for some appointments, the PICC line would not draw blood.  This has happened more than a few times.  Usually PICCs are not left for too long, and it likely developed a fibroid which is like a door that won't allow the line to "aspirate" or draw blood.  It flushes well, meaning it can be used for sedation, contrast MRIs etc... but this is a sign that it needs to come out soon.  We will use it to sedate Gavin on May 20th for his contrast MRI, and then will be planning what's next for Gav before deciding when to remove it.  Our goal it to be line free this summer. 

No appts next week for Gavin - just 2 home nurse visits as always.  He gets a new catheter in his leg each Monday and his dressing changed on his PICC line - and the other appt is just a check up and cap change.  He adores his home nurse Halle.  The 15th Gavin has a neuropsychology appt and is being fitted for a new foot orthotic that is shorter than his existing ones and will help his feet more without making his ankles worse, which is what the current ones seem to be doing.  I am super excited for Gav's neuropsychologist to see him because of how far he has come since she saw him last summer!  Have a great weekend everyone :)

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Nicole Pierson
By Nicole Pierson
Tammy and others who have asked- we will be sharing the date of the doctors show next week :) I promise you will not miss it!! It will air in a couple weeks :)
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Jim Maydelle Fennick
By Jim Maydelle Fennick
Sorry that I haven't responded as much lately. The new format of Caring Bridge is not user friendly on my iPad. It will not let me post after reading the site. So today I'm on Jim's laptop and it works. So glad the sickness is over in your house. We have had it here also.

Wonderful news on the glasses and reading! Also the improved motor skills. You guys are so on top of things. Keep up the good work.

Love, hugs and prayers to all,
Have fun at the play tonight. It is super fun and entertaining.
Maydelle and Jim Fennick
Tammy T
By Tammy
Such great news. Keep it coming with Gods will!! When can you share the date of The Doctors episode? We want to show it at work and honor employees who worked on getting the Palbo to Gavin!!
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Kathleen Conard
By Kathleen Conard
Happy to hear that Gavin is reading more and able to get back to playing his favorite game of baseball. He is a treasure with a wonderful,supportive family.
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cathy kulla
By Aunt Cathy
hi nikkie, its great to hear how well Gavin is doing. I've been so busy lately that I have not taken the time to read your logs about gavin and your family. my friends and daycare parents sometimes log on and they told me that Gavin is going to be on some show. I hope it has not aired yet. you have my personal email address so if you are able to could let me know the name of the show and when it will be on. have fun at the birthday party and on that date. I love that name Jameson.
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