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My Story

Hey There!

Thanks for visiting my site. I will keep you posted on the latest and greatest. Please feel free to say hi in the guestbook section, and I'll try to keep the journal updated as much as possible.

Dear Friends and Family,

Well, the full story is still unfolding but here's what we know for sure. In January of this year it was discovered that my spleen was enlarged to about the size of a football (discovered after some aches and pains that didn't seem to want to go away). After tons of inconclusive testing, my spleen was removed in June. I weathered the surgery and was feeling in good health. Erin and I completed a 100 mile bike ride to Santa Cruz, and back, only last month. The bad news is there was a cancerous mass discovered in the spleen tissue and I was diagnosed with Hepatosplenic alpha beta T-Cell Lymphoma. This is a particularly rare and aggressive form of lymphoma. And, while it was hoped the cancer cells might have been contained exclusively in the spleen, a recent PET scan (my second) showed some suspicious lymph nodes. The hard-hitting nature of this disease necessitates an equally agressive treatment. The team at Stanford has decided to pursue a round (maybe two) of ESHAP chemotherapy followed by an allogeneic stem cell transplant.

For the last year I have been living in Mountain View with the love of my life Erin. She works in San Jose as a third grade teacher and I'm a site supervisor for Palo Alto Community Childcare.

Needless to say, this has been a torrent of tough news and I will need all of your support, love and prayers to help me stay strong during this challenging time. The support from my work has been phenominal and the outreach of family and friends amazing.


Curt Baunsgard posted a new journal entry.

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Siobhan Kennelly Togliatti signed Garrett's Guestbook.

HI Garrett, Happy New Year and I do hope all is well with you and your loved ones. Life is full here in the Redwoods and keeping healthy, active and inspired. Thinking ... Read more

Emily Marzak signed Garrett's Guestbook.

Hey Garrett - Can't believe that your transplant was a little over a year ago. What an amazing battle you and your family have fought and how inspiring it has been! Keep ... Read more

Faith Rossell signed Garrett's Guestbook.

Hello you two!!! I've been carrying comics, photos and a letter for you for about two weeks...:) You both look fabulous! Texas???? Who is in Texas? Keep your spirits ... Read more

Cathy Aydelott signed Garrett's Guestbook.

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Kathryn Webb signed Garrett's Guestbook.

G-Lamb, There are indeed many things to be thankful for! Glad to hear you and Erin are doing so well. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Read more

Curt Baunsgard posted a new journal entry.

Hey All, I'm heading off to Texas on Wednesday for a South West Thanksgiving, so I just wanted to say "Happy Turkey Day" to everyone before I go. I hope you all ... Read more

Joanne Greenwald signed Garrett's Guestbook.

Hi Garrett, Glad to get your good news! God is good! I've had quite an adventurous summer! I was in Guatemala in July at the invitation of some Bible translator friends ... Read more

Kristina Wing signed Garrett's Guestbook.

Sugar!! It was SOOO good to read your new entry! I'm jealous cause I've been trying to run more and there is NO WAY I could keep up with you and Erin! It really sounds ... Read more

Steve De Pue signed Garrett's Guestbook.

Garrett, Stand up next to a mountain and chop it down with the edge of your hand! Keep on Truckin' Steve Read more

Brenda Klaftenegger signed Garrett's Guestbook.

It is wonderful to share in your joy and good health. We think of you and your family often and love to read about your ventures. We enjoyed spending time with you both at ... Read more

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