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My Story

Hi!I am Garrett and this is my sister Peighton.  Thank you for visiting our site!  Please read our story!I was born with Spina Bifida, have a VP shunt and reflux.  I am paralyzed from the waist down. My legs don't work too well, so I use a wheelchair to get around! Garrett has Spina Bifida, a VP shunt and Arnold Chiari Malformation. His medical history is very complex to say the least! He has had 67 surgeries and procedures. His zest for life, humor and smile draw people to him! Garrett loves swimming, playing in the sand, sled hockey, downhill skiing, playing Xbox, listening to music, watching Glee, Family Guy and any type of Ghost Adventure shows!  He also like hanging with his friends.Peighton loves listening to music, watching American Idol, MN Twins, MN Vikings, Glee and pretty much ALL the shows on ABC Family!  She also likes hanging out with her friends. They have a black Mini Schnauzer named Sophie and a white Mini Schnauzer named Daffy that they both adore!  Both are very smart, loving, compassionate, funny and beautiful kids! God is good!PLEASE remember to sign their guestbook!


Adair Grommesh posted a new journal entry.

The goal of sitting failed miserably the past few days. Each time we reached 20 degrees he started leaking spinal fluid from his incision. Today he sat at 40 degrees for ... Read more

Adair Grommesh posted a new journal entry.

Sitting didn't go well the first time he could sit up. he only got to 20° and his back started leaking spinal fluid so he had to lay flat yesterday and today he got to ... Read more

Adair Grommesh posted a new journal entry.

Only 46 hours to go until he can start gradually start sitting up. As you can imagine, having to lay flat for so long is getting really old. Eating and drinking while flat ... Read more

Adair Grommesh posted a new journal entry.

Garrett looks remarkably good considering he just endured his 67th surgery (his 6th de-tethering) with a 14 inch scar on his back. Pain is being well managed. Only 67 ... Read more

Neighbor, Beth Pennings signed Garrett's Guestbook.

So glad you have this LONG awaited surgery behind you, finally.    Praying for results that are better than expected ... and no complications.    What an unbelievable ... Read more

Adair Grommesh posted a new journal entry.

Surgery is done and over. It went very well. There was a lot of scarring and he had to do some aggressive cutting to free the Spine and nerves from his back. We hope that ... Read more

Adair Grommesh posted a new journal entry.

Surgery was delayed from the case before so he didn't get in until 9:45. Hoping things go smoothly Read more

Debbie Seurer signed Garrett's Guestbook.

My prayer's are with you all may the surgery go well.  God please hold Garrett in the palm of your hand & give him the healing strength he needs to get back home ... Read more

Jeff Reed signed Garrett's Guestbook.

May the force be with you Garrett. One nice thing about going under is that you can't tell how long it takes so you will wake up like it was 10 minutes ago. Good luck, ... Read more

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