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Garrett’s Story

Hi!I am Garrett and this is my sister Peighton.  Thank you for visiting our site!  Please read our story!I was born with Spina Bifida, have a VP shunt and reflux.  I am paralyzed from the waist down. My legs don't work too well, so I use a wheelchair to get around! Garrett has Spina Bifida, a VP shunt and Arnold Chiari Malformation. His medical history is very complex to say the least! He has had 76 surgeries and procedures that have required anesthesia. His zest for life, humor and smile draw people to him! Garrett loves swimming, sled hockey, downhill skiing, playing Xbox, listening to music, watching Family Guy and any type of Ghost Adventure shows!  He also like hanging with his friends.Peighton loves listening to music, watching Amazing Race, Survivor , MN Twins, MN Vikings, and pretty much ALL the shows on ABC Family!  She also likes hanging out with her friends. They have a black Mini Schnauzer named Sophie and a white Mini Schnauzer named Daffy that they both adore!  Both are very smart, loving, compassionate, funny and beautiful kids! God is good!PLEASE remember to sign their guestbook!

Latest Journal Update


It is been a long time since I made an entry. Garrett continues to struggle but we are somehow managing to keep him out of the hospital.

He does very little eating or drinking by mouth as it causes him a lot of discomfort cramping and nausea. Most of his nutrition and liquids go through his J-tube, and even doing this is very uncomfortable for him. It's tough to get stronger when you are unable to physically eat or drink the necessary amount to just maintain let alone gain weight.

He is very weak and rarely can get out of bed. We have managed to get him outside a couple days this week for a short walk in his wheelchair. Then he goes back to bed because he's so exhausted. He is not even getting out of bed to play Xbox.

We were really hoping he would be making better progress at this point. It is very frustrating, saddening, and disheartening for our entire family as we watch him to continue to struggle with the basic activities of daily living.

Please pray for him. Pray that he can start getting more nutrition and him so he can get stronger and can get more stamina and start to actually live life.
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Ann Engstrum
So bitter sweet to read this. Thank you for the update, we're still praying and thinking of you always. Prayers for better days ahead. Much Love,
Jennifer Green
By Jennifer Green
Praying Garrett can get the necessary nutrition so that he can enjoy livin life.
Jennifer Green
c.o.l.e's prayer team
Jeanette Erickson
By Jeanette Erickson
Praying for strength!
kathy swanson
By Kathy Swanson
I thought no news was good news. I'm sorry to hear this. We are still praying for Garrett and your family. Hugs!
Bonnie Henkelman
praying he gets his strength and endurance soon, he has so many people praying and pulling for him I hope he feels the love thru the post, he is our hero
teri nordby
By teri nordby
I pray everyday for Garrett and the family. I'm sure having him home and you all under one roof as a family is one positive in this. Sleeping in your own bed-I hope you are getting sleep Adair. Take care and I hope this all turns around soon.
Bill and Betty Thorsvig
By Betty Thorsvig
Would he be able to use the pool? In our thoughts and prayers.
Carolyn Kryzsko
By Carolyn Kryzsko
Glad to hear he can stay out of the hospital but so sorry about the struggles. Prayers are definitely going your way for all of you!
Lynn Glatt
By Lynn Glatt
Sending many prayers your way!