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My Story

This Web site is devoted to Gabriel John Ruthford, an infant born at 22 weeks and 6 days of gestation on April 25, 2012. We are his parents, Thomas Eric and Miriam Ruthford, from the Seattle area in Washington state. We are amazed by the miracle of life that he has shown us, and continually praying for his protection from his guardian saints, Gabriel, the Archangel, and John of San Francisco and Shanghai. We'll be posting detailed updates here and brief updates on Facebook.

Please click "Journal History" underneath the first journal entry if you'd like to see how this has progressed over recent weeks.

After three years of wondering whether we'd have a child, we were delighted by the appearance of our first pregnancy in December 2011. On April 15, Pascha on the Orthodox Christian calendar (also called Easter) Miriam started having very strong cramps. A trip to the doctor at 21 weeks of gestation revealed that her cervix was open and the amniotic sack was showing through. She spent a week and a half in the high-risk pregnancy division at Swedish Hospital First Hill on bed rest before giving birth at 22 weeks, 6 days of gestation, a frightening event making us wonder if he would survive. We have been amazed at the level of concern and generosity from our friends, family and fellow church-goers.

We've also been amazed at the number of people calling to check in on details. This site will allow us to make those kinds of updates in a nice chronological manner without getting sandwiched in between FarmVille updates on Facebook, and hopefully will connect us with other families who have been through similar struggles.


Miri Ruthford posted a new journal entry, "Chrismation and Communion".

By Miri -- momThis weekend we had the great joy of having our son received fully into the church. He had an emergency baptism at birth, which was done due to the ... Read more

Eric Ruthford posted a new journal entry, "Two videos".

By Thomas Eric -- DadAs our recovery journey winds down, we can share a couple of videos. The first is a montage of videos and photographs from birth to chrismation at ... Read more

Miri Ruthford posted a new journal entry, "Five month birthday....AT HOME".

By Miri -- momI can't believe it's been five months. It's even harder to believe that we're home...with a baby. The doctor yesterday walked in at around 4pm with the ... Read more

Eric Ruthford posted a new journal entry, "Discharge orders".

Oh my goodness, we got DISCHARGE ORDERS! Our son is going to get to GO OUTSIDE for the first time in his life. We are taking him home in about an hour. Read more

Eric Ruthford posted a new journal entry, "The pump works pretty well".

By Thomas Eric -- DadWe are now down to our last day or so in Swedish Hospital. Tomorrow is his 5-month birthday, and boy, do we ever want to get out before he's 5 months ... Read more

Eric Ruthford posted a new journal entry, "Rooming with Gabriel".

By Thomas Eric -- DadNow Miri and I are staying in the hospital with Gabriel, with plans to take him home on Tuesday or Wednesday. He's been given small meals twice with ... Read more

Eric Ruthford posted a new journal entry, "Surgery done, all well".

By Thomas Eric -- DadGabriel's surgeon came out smiling and said that he was all done and all was well. The breathing tube came out shortly after the surgery. He is ... Read more

Eric Ruthford posted a new journal entry, "In surgery".

By Thomas Eric -- Dad So now Gabriel is in surgery to get his gastric tube plug installed. This is a 1-hour procedure involving general anaesthesia. I don't have much ... Read more

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