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August 6, 2010:

Fr. Francis Martin suffered a major heart attack at Copenhagen, Denmark airport while returning to the US. He is in a very good hospital in Hellerup, Denmark, where he has been receiving treatment. The doctors were able to stalilize his blood pressure somewhat, and overnight they reduced his heart medication, which is good news, but he remains in the ICU in critical condition. He has received the sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick.

Some friends will fly to Denmark this weekend to be with him and make sure he has everything he needs. Our local (Washington, DC) bishop contacted the Archdiocese in Copenhagen, Denmark who will assign a local priest to continue to minister to Fr. Francis.

Updates on his condition, as well as other events surrounding his health, will be posted on this website to keep everyone informed.

To help with expenses for Fr. Francis and those travelling to Denmark to be with him please click the PayNow link at:

God bless and thanks to everyone for your prayers and support!

Fr. Francis' family


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Susan DeLoach signed Fr. Francis's Guestbook.

Would love to have an update about how you're doing.  You are loved by so many. Prayerfully, Susan DeLoach Read more

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Dori Belmonte signed Fr. Francis's Guestbook.

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Jean Schalk signed Fr. Francis's Guestbook.

Father Francis! I am praying for you this month.  I am so glad you are back home now.  I hope to visit you some time in the spring. Peace and blessings from Jesus I ... Read more

Sr. Gail Lancaster signed Fr. Francis's Guestbook.

Dear Fr. Francis, We are so glad you are home and recuperating from your surgery.  You continue to be in all our prayers. Sr. Gail The Servants of God's Love Read more

Joe Atkinson signed Fr. Francis's Guestbook.

Father, Good to hear that you are progressing well and are coming home to-day. You are being remembered at mass in our parish. Joe Read more

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Hey Fr. Francis -- I',m so glad to hear of your are return home today.  You have come such a long way since last August.  I beg the Lord to keep you around much ... Read more

Fr. Andy Davy signed Fr. Francis's Guestbook.

Dear Fr. Francis, Know that you are in my prayers on this Epiphany!  I am continually growing in thanksgiving to God for the various ways in which God has used you to ... Read more

Polly Howard signed Fr. Francis's Guestbook.

welcome home Father Francis,, all of us around the diocese including the parishes of Saint John and Saint Paul are praying for you.. we are simply grateful to the Lord ... Read more

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