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Fred’s Story

On Monday November 22nd 2010 Fred was at wrestling practice and ran into another wrestler, fractured his skull and had internal bleeding and swelling in the brain. He was air lifted from Rice Hospital in Willmar to the cities that night and is currently at HCMC. Your thoughts and prayers are appreciated. 

Latest Journal Update

Fred update

I wanted to post an update on Fred as friends and family have been asking how he has been.  We took Fred back to HCMC on May 17th to have him meet with the Brain Injury doctor(Dr Rocksweld) and a Neuropsychologist.  It all went very well.  They both feel that Fred has improved and should be able to go back to normal physical activity(slowly).  Dr Rocksweld wants him to see the eye doctor again to re-examine his eyes, but she felt he had improved.  We will go to see the eye doctor in July.  Fred just has slight blurry vision, but not all the time.  Fred will not be in the KMS marching band this summer, which we will miss.  But the plan is to be back in band and choir next fall when school starts.  He will not be playing football this fall either. 

Again - we thank all of you for your prayers and thoughts!!! Because of all these prayers, Fred has healed so well.