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Chrissie's carbon dioxide in her blood is at 134, and it should be in the 30's.  Not good.  Please pray for wisdom for the doctors/nurses/specialists to figure it all out and know what's causing what so they can adjust things to stabilize her.  She was doing so much better this morning.  UGH!

My dear Caring Bridge followers...would you be willing to switch over to follow on our blog instead of on Caring Bridge?!?  You can sign up at the blog to receive email updates, just like you get with Caring Bridge.  I'm just finding that it's stressful to have to post the same thing in 2 places.  If you simply cannot make the switch, please leave a comment here to let me know and I'll continue to post in both places.

Our family blog is  The email sign up is on the right side of the blog (it says something like "want to receive email updates...sign up here").  If you want to leave comments, at the bottom of each blog post (update), there's a spot that says "comments", and you click that word, which will take you to a place where you can leave a comment that is emailed to me.  (Caring Bridge comments don't get emailed to me.)

I'll wait to see what kind of responses I get from you all...if there are people who simply cannot make the switch, I'll continue to post both places.

Thanks everyone!