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Chrissie is in about the same condition as she was last night.  She's in a comatose state (medically induced), hooked up to life machines.  She's being given 100% oxygen, body at 92 degrees trying to foster minimal brain activity as the machines do their work to keep her alive.  No one on earth knows how long she will be in this state.  But our God does, and we are trusting His sovereignty, grace, and love wholeheartedly.

While I'm updating, in your prayers for Chrissie, would you please also mention two kids having open-heart surgery today with the same cardiac surgeon and cardiologist?  Both have pulmonary atresia (part of what Chrissie has).  One is a newborn, and the other is a 10-year-old who is having a "fixer-upper" surgery to replace some parts that they put in a long time ago.

 We know Chrissie is a fighter, our Serbian Sensation.  We're begging her to fight, fight, fight. 

 We know God is the Healer, our Jehovah Rapha.  We're begging Him to heal, heal, heal.