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I posted this on my blog earlier, and I copied and pasted it here as well, but I never got to publish it sorry.  I am going to publish it now, but please know that this is from 6:45PM...I'll send another update soon.

6:47PM, 4/19/10:
Warriors, get on your knees and pray without ceasing.

Chrissie technically died.  God revived her.  

Dr. Porisch was in tears. We were all a wreck. Major wreck.

She's being kept alive by the heart and lung machine.  Her chest is open, she's in the OR, her poor cardiac surgeon has been operating on her for almost 12 hours now. 

They've reopened her chest 3 times now.

For a few hours, we lost all hope.  Never have felt that way.  Ever. 

Matt kept feeling guilt that he promised Chrissie we would take her to get her heart fixed, and this morning she was fine and smiling.  She trusted us.  Matt felt like we failed her.

I was feeling like my gift of prophecy was wrong.  I was all wrong.  What happened?!? I've never felt that way. 

Our little girl, who we promised to heal and who I felt confident that God had promised to heal, was now gone.  Suddenly gone.  Slipped right from our hands in a matter of seconds.

Horrible.  Hysterical. 

But, God has returned hope.  I am humbled and in awe of the number of prayer warriors who have contacted us to return hope. 

The current prognosis is that Chrissie's heart and lungs have failed.  She only has one good lung, and it's filled with blood/fluid.  Blood cannot enter that lung (her only good lung) to be oxygenated and remove carbon dioxide.  Her heart stopped.  Totally stopped, but they miraculously (all glory to God) got her connected back to the heart/lung bypass machine in time to revive her.  They did compressions all the way from the PICU to the OR, which are 3 floors apart. 

Their plan at this time is to keep Chrissie on the heart/lung bypass machine for a few days, to keep her alive.  No one knows what things will look like from moment to moment.  We need her lungs to clear (the good lung is completely filled with blood/fluid, and it needs to be empty).  We need her heart to beat/pump. 

Dr. Kupferschmid is exhausted.  He followed Chrissie to the PICU prior to her heart failure, and walked past us in the waiting room.  I cannot even tell you the look that he gave us.  It was a hung head low, I am so ashamed, I cannot look this family in the eye kind of look.  It was a look that I never, ever, ever want to see again in my life.  I knew something was seriously wrong.  At that time, Dr. Porisch came to us in tears to let us know that Chrissie's heart stopped and they were doing compressions.  We lost it.

I'm rambling in circles now.  Please pray for Dr. Kupferschmid and Dr. Porisch to have wisdom, strength, energy, focus and ability.  They are under the Great Physician's hand.  They love Chrissie.  We all do. 

I cannot imagine our Colombian daughter, Meribeth, having to live through another death.  She has suffered so much loss in her traumatic past.  It's not OK.

I wholeheartedly believed that God told us He planned to save Chrissie and restore her heart and give her an abundant life.

I lost all hope just an hour ago.

I now have hope again.  It's coming from your prayers, answered by our Jehovah Rapha, our healing God.  He is mighty to save.  All hope is not lost. 

Keep praying, my beloved prayer warrior friends.