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By — Apr 4, 2011 9:09pm
I hadn't looked in on Flynn for a long while, however, Mary Nemec gave me a brief synopsis so I wanted to read what you'd written.  It is an incredible story/reality.  I am so glad that you are writing it (even if F. doesn't like it)  - it is an uplifting tale in spite of the horrors of what happened to your beautiful daughter.  I don't know a lot about such injuries & I have learned a lot for which I thank you.  All I can say is YOU TWO GAVE THIS YOUNG WOMAN SOME GREAT GENES!!!!!  Where else could she get such determination & grit & perseverence? GREAT PARENTS ARE A GIFT TO EVERYONE - ESPECIALLY THEIR CHILDREN.  Thanks- I wish you all continued strength & perseverence.  sincerely, Caroline Stanhope