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  • Nov 15, 2012 12:25am

    I am a couple years younger than Flynn and a graduate from Moorhead. I know your last journal entry was a while ago but I thought about her today when I was on a run and thinking about soccer and how she was my practice buddy when I was a freshman. She seemed fun and very kind.  I think her story is so inspiring and your entry is so touching. Her go getter attitude is extremely insightful and makes me want to live every day with a purpose and to never give up no matter how hard things may seem. I often think of you and your story when I'm doing a hard work out or having a rough running day it helps me fight through and makes me mentally stonger. Hope all is well! Happy HolidaysAndrea Dobbs

    Andrea Dobbs

  • Jul 22, 2012 12:06pm

    In honor of Flynn Murray, whom I have never met but was friends with her mother in college...I will never look at my two sons the same ever again.  You are an inspiration to all.


    Tom O'Connor

  • Mar 25, 2012 1:22am

    Hi Flynn,I didn't make my annual trip to Big Sky this year. I just got out of a cast for the first time in 11 weeks (shattered heel). So no skiing and ski patrol or hockey this winter. I'm already planning for next year's trip.I've worked with Eagle Mount when I was teaching in Great Falls and would like to get some runs with you when I'm out West.I'm glad to hear that you are making great strides in your journey. Keep up the good work and I pray for your continued success.
    David(218) 849-7132Detroit Lakes, MN

    David Squires

  • Feb 19, 2012 3:13pm

    Pat & Sue,   the last entry just came up on our computer 3/2011.  I guess my address changed.   Flynn sounds fantastic-using her cognative skills & all of body muscles & parts that work!        I'm glad you wrote.  Next, we'll be viewing her on T.V.!!          We've had some loss..  never thought of an anniv.event to thank people. Nice-    Keep us informed.    Flynn, you're quite a girl!               Weela (M.) Janssen


    weela janssen

  • Apr 18, 2011 8:38am

    Pat - I received this from the Grants. Flynn has always been an inspiration me with her positive attitude towards life, along with her wonderful smile and still is. Take care.

    Betsy Vukas

  • Apr 15, 2011 3:00pm

    Hi...I just wanna say hi to Flynn! I'm Peter from Argentina, I got to know her at Big Sky Resort, I used to work there in the rental shop, and let her try demo skis from time to time! I also went to Spire several times to climb there...
    Thanks for taking the time to write all this info, and keep us updated!
    Take care! 

    Peter Brizuela

  • Apr 4, 2011 9:09pm

    I hadn't looked in on Flynn for a long while, however, Mary Nemec gave me a brief synopsis so I wanted to read what you'd written.  It is an incredible story/reality.  I am so glad that you are writing it (even if F. doesn't like it)  - it is an uplifting tale in spite of the horrors of what happened to your beautiful daughter.  I don't know a lot about such injuries & I have learned a lot for which I thank you.  All I can say is YOU TWO GAVE THIS YOUNG WOMAN SOME GREAT GENES!!!!!  Where else could she get such determination & grit & perseverence? GREAT PARENTS ARE A GIFT TO EVERYONE - ESPECIALLY THEIR CHILDREN.  Thanks- I wish you all continued strength & perseverence.  sincerely, Caroline Stanhope

    Caroline Stanhope

  • Mar 22, 2011 9:12pm

    What a great posting!!!  Keep up the good work Flynn and stay positive!!!  We think about you everyday and can't wait for you to visit Bloomington!  Smith's on Rich Road in Bloomington.

    Becky Smith

  • Mar 22, 2011 5:33pm

    Thanks for the update Pat, and your insights.  Flynn continues to inspire.


    Candace Durran

  • Mar 22, 2011 11:50am

    It is always exciting to hear of Flynn's progress.  Flynn I'm just amazed at your determination.  I'm inspired by your whole family and how positive you have all been.  In life there are ups and downs yet you don't stop.  You are an example of what is possible when you put your mind to something.   We love you all! 

    muriel nirschl

  • Mar 20, 2011 9:37pm

    Thanks for the update Pat!  I think about you all often.

    Love to All


    Judy (Doyle) Kloos

  • Mar 20, 2011 6:53pm

    oops, I meant insight! :)  but you do incite well as well! :):):)

    Angie D.

    Angie DeWispelaere

  • Mar 20, 2011 6:51pm

    Thanks for the posting, Pat, and sharing your thoughts and reflections.  You have wonderful incite.  Yes, the date approaches and I too look back...and thought it very appropriate that yesterday was a 'super moon'!  The first in 18 yrs and who knows when the next will be (well, Flynn will know as the engineer/physics extraordinaire that she is! :>)  And that Casey and Flynn spent the day together dressed up for the Dirtbag celebration??!  I do hope they got a pic of their outfits.  I heard they were hot! :)  

    It was great to see you all while you were out.  Wonderful get together Saturday night and we always appreciate you making time to come for a dinner at our house, especially as our driveway never lacks for a challenge. :)  We did miss the Caseymeister!!  Thank you too for the yummy Easter cookies...:)...most delicious!

    Stay high and dry...:)

    Angie and Hans

    Angie DeWispelaere

  • Mar 20, 2011 3:40pm

    So good to hear how well Flynn is doing.  Pat, you really do write so well!!!!  I think of Flynn and how her progress is coming along and am so glad to hear that she is so determined to become so independent.  Her tenacity is unbelievable.  Something we could all try to better at ourselves.  Love to all - give Flynn a hug when you see her next for me.

    sue kaiser

  • Mar 20, 2011 2:32pm

    thank you SO much for sharing at this anniversary date! i can't forget that date...and i'm not even family:) i just know how i felt when i heard the news and i remember the look in capt. jack's eyes when he came to the bank one day and shared so much with me- i also remember clearly, how long he held on to the hug of friendship & caring-
    you guys have come so far- and how proud you must be of Flynn- one determined young lady!!! i see her as the young lady that says: 
    "don't tell me i can't, cuz i'm gonna prove you wrong!"
    i think of you & susan so often, hope you are doing well. casey too!
    know that there are those that won't forget that date either- sounds like Flynn & Casey know how to "celebrate" what's good and now-
    keeping you in my prayers, old friend!
    Debbie D.

    debbie disse

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