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Finn’s Story

Hi my name is Finn Green.  I am an energetic, caring, and tough soon to be 5 year old.  My family has created this site so that we can update you on my fight against cancer! I want everyone to know that I am a tough cookie and will win this battle.  I appreciate your support and hope you will check in on my progress as I defeat the forces of evil.  

Latest Journal Update

Sunday October 4, 2015

Is it possible that's it's time for Halloween again?! 🎃

We were just boogie boarding 1 minute ago and now we're hanging up spiders and skeletons 👻.  Nana will be here from Panama this year for Halloween so that will be fun!

We pulled out all our stuff yesterday and the boys have been in costume ever since 😊👍. Finn went to the post office as a caterpillar yesterday 🐛.  They came to Starbucks with me wearing big Afros and singing rock songs. 🎤.  So cute!

Finn lack of focus has become a concern again at school.  I just wish I knew if this was just a lack of maturity thing like "don't worry, he'll grow up and grow out of it" or really a thing... Like ADD or something.  I doubt it because he sits still at his desk... He just seems to not care if he finishes his work or not.  

I have done some reading about pediatric sleep apnea and other sleep problems and how they can cause behavioral problems that look like ADD or just lack of focus/concentration.  I even spoke to a sleep lab that does tests on kids.  Since we have met our deductible, it would be free and it's harmless so I think I'm going to take him for one.  He does have very large tonsils and tosses and turns a lot when he sleeps.  I'm just trying to cross all my T's and dot my I's.
He does seem tired a lot even tho he sleeps from 8:30pm to 7am everyday.

Also, he had acid reflux as a baby and we treated him until age 1.  Lately he told me he has acid in his throat when he wakes up in the morning.  So we'll address that as well. 

We've started a behavior chart and he's pretty excited to earn stars on it.  I just bought him his own set of Magic Treehouse books and he is delighted!  

This weekend I am taking him to Make-A-Wish's headquarters in Irvine for a painting project.  They called and asked for their favorite "cool kid" Finn.  There's a huge portrait of him in the hallway I've heard too, so we'll get to see it!  She said he's pretty famous around there 😊

Finn, Ty and Bo are all loving Friday Night Lights football 🏈.  Finn was quarterback for a play last Friday and made a nice pass!  Yeah Finn!

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Sharon George
By Sharon George
So proud of you, Stephanie, for researching and pursuing all avenues in your quest for a happy, healthy and successful life for Finn. Looking forward to seeing you and my sweet guy soon. I will be gone most of next week, but am planning on FNL the folliwing week. Will be in touch. Hugs and love!