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Wed July 23

What a great party we had yesterday!  For those of you that missed it, there were over 100 people swimming, eating tacos, bouncing, playing baseball, and high fiving Finn!  We were at the pool until around 9pm and even then it was hard to get the boys to go home :). It was amazing!  All our neighbors, family from Santa Monica/San Diego, preschool friends, karate friends, our work friends, camping friends, even the owner of the coffee shop we go to!  Everyone came!!!  It melted my heart.  And Finn was just glowing. He knew they were there for him and he was so happy about it!     Thank you for coming everyone and for making Finn feel special ❤❤❤. My cheeks hurt from smiling so much 😊

I have to work extra for a couple weeks so the boys are having mellow days at home which they need anyway :)

I just got home and we're at the beach watching the sun set over the waves....well, that's what I'm doing, they're having a sword fight 😊

They were kind enough to pose for a picture 🔆
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Sharon George
By Sharon George — last edited
What a great celebration for a great family! I was with you in spirit! The day marking the 1-year cancer free for Finn was the day we lost a dear friend to cancer. I felt many emotions that day: so much happiness for our sweet Finn, sorrow for Joan and family, and hope that one day there will be a cure for all. You go, Finn! Love you.
Ann Gaylord
By Ann Gaylord
Great party for a great family! So happy for you!
Iva Franks-Singer
By Iva Franks
That's so awesome... Sorry I missed it!!! I'll be at the 2 year celebration for sure! xo
Michele Welsch
By The Welsch's
We had a blast celebrating Finns 1year cancer free party!! You have a special family and many loving friends. It was a joy to meet them. Thanks for including us!! We love you Finn!!