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Sun July 20

Summer camp is done for now.  Finn had an absolute blast!  He made friends and learned about surviving in the outdoors.  ♨⛺

We will have a few weeks at home now without any plans 😊 "Nothing days".  We love them. 

2 days from now is the 1 year anniversary of Finns life saving surgery.  It's just crazy to think that it has been a year.  I remember standing in the shower for what felt like hours, crying and thinking "this can't be happening, I can't handle this, it can't be real, not Finn...."  I remember it like yesterday.  He was so brave going to endless doctor appointments with me, smiling, not asking any questions.  He waited patiently until we were ready to tell him.  He listened very intently...and then said "ok" and went back to playing.  He has been "ok" from the start.  He said, "as long as you're with me, I'm not scared".  ❤❤❤

We decided to have a party to celebrate.  At our neighborhood pool from 3-8 with a taco cart, the pool, a big bouncy house obstacle course, and a big colorful fruit "paradise" cake from Kings Hawaiian Bakery all the way in Torrance!  The baker is putting a green liver cancer ribbon (like the sticker with his name) and Happy 1 Year Finn in green 💚💚💚.  Whoever wants to stop by and give Finn a high five is welcome!!!  Finn is calling it his "cancer party" which sounds a little weird but who am I to say anything?   

So, the last day of camp, Finn brought the party invite and showed all his counselors.  They were so touched and asked if they could stop by.  I said of course!  Then they said on Tuesday they will be doing a live animal show at camp and would it be ok if they brought the animals to Finns party and did the animal presentation for Finn and all the kids!!!  It really touched my heart.  At the end of a long day with a hundred little kid campers and animal presentations, they are going to pack up and drive to our neighborhood to hang out with Finn ❤  We have received so much kindness and goodwill from everyone everywhere...  I will never forget.  

The other day Finn and I were both in the bathroom and both had to go....Finn said, "I'm going to let you go first for 2 reasons.    #1. Ladies first,   #2. Mom pees are loooong and I don't think you can hold it!"

He makes me laugh every day.  I'm happy to still have him in our lives.  The best gift I have ever received.  I thanked Dr. Waldo again recently and he said you're welcome.  He gives my life meaning.  ❤❤❤. Love that man.

💚💚💚Happy 1 Year Finn💚💚💚

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Christine Aparicio
By The Aparicio Family
So excited to come by and give you a high five Finn and celebrate wonderful YOU. Bella leaves at 8:00 in the morning for her Jr Guards campout at Camp Penelton. She is so bummed that she will miss seeing you.
Ann Gaylord
By Ann Gaylord
Aww, so happy for your family! We'll be there to help celebrate, although not til late-630 ish after work! (Never got my Finn green ribbon sticker if you have any extras! ;)
Iva Franks-Singer
By Iva Franks
You look amazing Finn! Congrats on the one year anniversary! I'll keep you in my prayers! Stay strong little warrior!