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Finn’s Story

Hi my name is Finn Green.  I am an energetic, caring, and tough soon to be 5 year old.  My family has created this site so that we can update you on my fight against cancer! I want everyone to know that I am a tough cookie and will win this battle.  I appreciate your support and hope you will check in on my progress as I defeat the forces of evil.  

Latest Journal Update

Monday April 27

Thank heaven for "tubbies" 😊
Thank heaven for "tubbies" 😊
Well this weekend was a bust. Finn woke up Friday morning with a fever that didn't quit until just now. It was nearly 105 and didn't go much below 102 the whole weekend! At first we postponed Stanford from Friday until Saturday, then Sunday, and then canceled completely. :-(

He had a pain in his right upper belly, right where the liver is, that had me a little worried. I did not want to cause him any unnecessary pain and stress by taking him to an emergency room, but ted and I had decided if nothing changed this morning, we were going to go.  But he woke up in good spirits, with no fever, and is out of bed and vertical!! He ate and pooped for the first time in four days.  And is sitting at the breakfast table eating a little oatmeal :-) 

That was one of the most relentless fevers I have ever seen. It was a bummer to cancel Stanford as we booked his CT/MRI nearly 6 months ago and canceled flights, hotel, and cool convertible Mustangs!  But I am more happy than ever that this weekend is over! I will get busy rescheduling :-)

We also booked the clubhouse at our swimming pool July 19 for Finn's two year cancer free party!!💚💚💚👏👏👏. And nanny and poppy will be visiting so they can be there! 😊