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Finn’s Story

Hi my name is Finn Green.  I am an energetic, caring, and tough soon to be 5 year old.  My family has created this site so that we can update you on my fight against cancer! I want everyone to know that I am a tough cookie and will win this battle.  I appreciate your support and hope you will check in on my progress as I defeat the forces of evil.  

Latest Journal Update

October 28 Wednesday

Thanks to my super smart big brother Lloyd, we found out that Finn has enlarged adenoids on a neck xray (that Lloyd suggested we get).  Its obvious his tonsils are large too.  I took him to an Ear, Nose, Throat specialist and she said absolutely take them out.  He has been sleeping with his mout open causing a narrow jaw and the "trapped" molars he now has.  Those need to be pulled too so I was referred to a dentist in Palos Verdes that operates in Long Beach every Wednesday.  He will co-ordinate with the ENT and come into the operating room to pull them out while Finn is asleep.   We just got scheduled for next wednesday November 4th. 

I told the dentist I grew up in Palos Verdes and later moved to Huntington Beach.  He said he grew up in Huntington Beach and moved to Palos Verdes!  Haha.  Then when I gave him my name he said "Wait, Dr. Stephanie Green??  My wife sees you as her doctor!"  Small world!

So, I'm busy canceling patients and setting up an independent study for days he'll miss.  Getting xrays passed around to everyone and arranging babysitting.  Kind of crazy.

I'm nervous.  I know its a minor surgery.  But I just can't stop picturing taking him into the operating room last time....probably my worst memory of it all.  I can't wait to be on the other side of it.  He will be so much better I hope!  Sleeping well, energetic, awake and alert at school...  Fingers crossed it has all that effect. :-) 

He did a book report on a cute book called Hooray for Fly Guy about a little boy who has a fly for a best friend who tries to play football with him.  Finn wrote a report and then presented it in class.  Today was a day your parent could come and help you decorate a pumpkin to look like the character of your book.  Ted went and it turned out SO cute and it looks just like Fly Guy!  They used pieces from Mr. Potato Head and Teds Penn State football helmet :)  I'll attach a picture

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Nancy Knott
By Nancy Knott
Wow, you have so much on your plate. I hope things settle down after Finns surgery. My grand in MI recently had his adenoids and tonsils taken out. After the surgery and being a bit groggy, he ate ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner for a day and a half so stock up. In no time he was back to his old self. I like Finns Halloween costume and the pumpkin he and his dad did is awesome. They did good work!
Ann Gaylord
By the pumpkin. They did a great job! I am glad he gets to go trick-o-treating! I'll be looking for the Green boys on Sat! And I will be thinking of you all on the 4th- I know he'll do perfectly! :)
Lisa Rudy
By Lisa Rudy
Finn, Carson used to love the "Fly Guy" books and your pumpkin looks exactly like him!! Great job!
Sherri Drum
By Sherri Drum
Fly Guy looks awesome!! Great job Finn!!! 😍