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Finn’s Story

Hi my name is Finn Green.  I am an energetic, caring, and tough soon to be 5 year old.  My family has created this site so that we can update you on my fight against cancer! I want everyone to know that I am a tough cookie and will win this battle.  I appreciate your support and hope you will check in on my progress as I defeat the forces of evil.  

Latest Journal Update

Jan 16, 2016

Happy New Year!  2016 🎉

We went to a New Years Eve party at a friends house and stayed until nearly 2am.  When I was finally tucking Finn in bed I said "you crazy 7 year old, partying until 2am" and he said "you're the crazy mom that took your little kid to a party until 2am!!".  I guess he put me in my place, haha.  We had a great time and made a few new friends 😊

Finn is fully recovered tonsil wise.  Sleeping peacefully at night....until a couple days ago 😬. He got his palate expander put in.  It looks like a medieval torture device.  I'll put a picture.  Every other night, I use a "key" and crank it one turn.  It hurts for about an hour and then he's used to it.  He's got increased saliva and is having a hard time swallowing and talking with a lisp.  Getting used to it all tho...

We had a great Xmas at home with family (except 1/2 of our family in San Diego was sick and stayed home 😕).   We cut open a "reveal" cake to learn that Aunt JJ is having a girl!!! 👏🎉💗   ️Uncle Christian and Ann Marie's baby is also a girl. Due March and June so they can grow up together 💕.  We got a live Xmas tree this year and it smelled SO good 🎄.  All the boys were lucky enough to get Beats headphones and they're cruising around the house listening to music all the time 🎤

Ted and I just got our genetic results back a couple days ago.  Ted does have the same "variation" as Finn!  So we are scheduled for colonoscopies in February and if they're clear we can relax a little bit about the whole genetic thing.  Unfortunately Finn still needs a colonoscopy by age 10.  Yuck.

I made a New Years resolution to try to do more things with the kids like go to plays etc...where they have to sit still and use manners and get exposed to drama, art, etc...  I bought tickets to Cirque de Soleil last week but Zack and Bo got sick after their overnight fishing trip with I ended up taking Ty and Finn and a couple friends last minute.  We had the best time!!  It was SO cool!  And I bought tickets to a different Cirque in Feb so we can try again 😊

Still working hard on Finn and school.  I do think taking his tonsils out had a benefit... But old habits still need to be broken.  He puts up less of a fight now when it's time to do homework.  Still a day dreamer at school but trying every day to do his best.  😊👍. He'll get there!

We finally made it to a nursing home last night!!  Ted met us there and we walked around talking to residents and playing Bingo for an hour or so.  I'd love to make it a regular thing.  It shows them how people live that don't have much and don't have full use of their bodies either!!  They helped some elderly people with their Bingo chips and told them about Catalina and made their night 😊.  It was nice.

We are on our way to Catalina for the weekend!!  Looking forward to a fun relaxing weekend.  I hope we get to see some buffalo!

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Nancy Knott
By Nancy Knott
I miss seeing all of you at Basketball but love to hear the great things you are doing. Finn has some serious dental hardware - such a good sport about it and in the end, it will help so much. Tell the kids I said Hiiiiiiiiiiii.
Sharon George
By Mrs. Sharon
I am so glad you are all doing better. Stephanie, you and Ted do such an awesomd job with your boys. It is always a joy to see all of you. Give my precious Finn lits of hugs and tell him how proud I am of him. Love and hugs!