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Father John’s Story

This site is to update family and friends to the health status of Father John Pearson from Darwin, MN.

On December 17th, Father John was airlifted to North Memorial Hospital in Robindale, MN. He underwent emergency neuro surgery where a significant vessel tear in the brain was repaired. He is currently in the neuro intensive care unit recovering from the surgical procedure. While he continues to be on a ventilator to assist in his breathing, the present goal is to wean him off of the respirator.

Latest Journal Update

Move in up-date

Hey...what a great bunch of people you all are! Father John had many cards waiting for him on his first day at the Lake Villa Maria...Thanks!

On Saturday we were able to leave the Courage Center at 9 the two hour drive brought us to the Villa by lunch time. We joined the lunch buffet and had a superb lunch...meat, potatoes and all of the trimmings.

Most items were already in place in Father's apartment, so we just had a little fine tuning after bringing in the items from the Courage Center.There are many familiar faces at the Villa; AND the MOST WONDERFUL Sisters in the world. The Sister's live in the apartment next to Father he will, for sure, be monitored closely. I asked one of the Sister's that knows Father John to keep him in line, her response was " I have tried, it is hopeless ! " So I am quite sure that Father John has met his match for quick wit.

We have set up Home Care, Speech and OT.... so Father can resume his therapy protocol. While it is an unknown as to " if and or when" Father can resume his Parish duties...the goal for now is for him to become rested and work solely on his rehab. Friends at the villa have asked " when are you going back to your parish and how long are you staying here " while this was asked with good can cause undue stress for Father. For now he is just a man that has had brain surgery twice and needs to fully recover...thank you for respecting the encouragement from the physicians that are monitoring his progress, and shying away from this type of questioning.

Trying to do something fun that couples with memory rehab; we put together a circle puzzle that had few interlocking pieces. It would have been easy to put the 517 pieces back into the box, BUT, we completed attached. It was a tag team effort....' I need that blue piece...give me the red dress, do you have a straight piece etc ! "

For the present Father will receive all meals at the Villa...we will work on kitchen safety as time goes on. The food is great...I expect a little weight gain by Father. And of course we have multiple snacking items in his apartment. ( the lady across the hall already deliver chocolate chip cookies ! )

Father's cell phone did not work in Sleepy he now has an       I-Phone...anyone that visits, if you have an I-Phone please ask him if he needs assistance with the apps.

We ordered pizza and went to get Chinese food another night...both in Sleepy Eye and both very good. We start the meal with a non-alcoholic beverage and then eat more than we should! Father always orders the everything pizza and his favorite beef chow mein. In trying to get Father to gain a couple pounds.....I think I may be the one adding a couple pounds!

He is happy in his new home and loves company. He continues, for the most part, not to be the one to initiate conversation and occasionally needs a little time to retrieve the ' word ' he is searching for...but with a little patience on our part we are able to have good conversation. He does not recall the first 4 weeks or so of his hospitalization...but this is probably a good thing. ( I'd like to forget his first 4 weeks for sure! ) 

Thank you for the continued support....' together ' we are making this happen!