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This site is to update family and friends to the health status of Father John Pearson from Darwin, MN.

On December 17th, Father John was airlifted to North Memorial Hospital in Robindale, MN. He underwent emergency neuro surgery where a significant vessel tear in the brain was repaired. He is currently in the neuro intensive care unit recovering from the surgical procedure. While he continues to be on a ventilator to assist in his breathing, the present goal is to wean him off of the respirator.


Sharon Kramer posted a new journal entry, "Move in up-date".

Hey...what a great bunch of people you all are! Father John had many cards waiting for him on his first day at the Lake Villa Maria...Thanks! On Saturday we were able to ... Read more

Robert Zwach signed Father John's Guestbook.

Father Pearson A friend and I were talking about you yesterday. I hadn't looked at your site for awhile. We spoke of your wonderful smile that lights up the room and the ... Read more

Mary Jo Lyke signed Father John's Guestbook.

Today was a sad/joyful day.  Today was Fr. Greg Schaffer's funeral, a very sad day, but we are confident in the Mercy of Jesus.  It was a joyful day because we know Fr. ... Read more

Charlie Bundy signed Father John's Guestbook.

JP,   what the hell???   at least we're both still kickin'- I'm living down at the border in San a parttime job at Target in SD... worked at DEL MAR ... Read more

mary wegner signed Father John's Guestbook.

Father John, I'm sure you wouldn't  know me if you saw me, but I've been to a few of your healing Masses and talks. You've helped me in ways you'll never know. So now I'm ... Read more

gloria kotila signed Father John's Guestbook.

FATHER JOHN!!!! Missing you much!!! I hope you had a GLORIOUS EASTER!! I imagine you did ...being as you are over there in Sleepy Eye...heard that...that area is ... Read more

Rick and Jeanne Stewart signed Father John's Guestbook.

Hope you have a relaxed and Happy Easter.  We will as the weather has been so nice. We had only started going to church at St. Gertrude's so you will not know us. Take care. Read more

Judy Moon signed Father John's Guestbook.

Dear Father John I am praying for your continued recovery. Judy and I will want to visit you sometime in the future. It will be a few weeks yet. Please try to behave ... Read more

Denise Strazzinski signed Father John's Guestbook.

Hi Father John! Hope things are still going well for you!  Praying for you.  Have a blessed Easter!   Jeff and Denise Strazzinski Read more

Doloris Roufs signed Father John's Guestbook.

Dear Father John:   I am sorry I have not written sooner.  I have been following your website and have been diligently praying for you every day.  I am Romelle's ... Read more

Judy Markgraf signed Father John's Guestbook.

Hey, Father John, I haven't read your site for a while..I was pretty under the weather myself for a while...but I'm back now.  Just to let you know that we never stopped ... Read more

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