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When we found out Faith has ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia) there was no doubt she was named Faith for a reason. She has outshone even the brightest star and has faith like none I've ever seen.
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On January 2, 2007 the new year was at a horrifying start. We were sitting in Doernbechers Children Hospital, affiliate of Oregon Health and Science University hearing the final results of Faith's test results. "She has leukemia" they told us, and the past couple months came rushing in like a light of understanding from a dark pool of confusion. Faith was sick, and now we knew why.

The day before Thanksgiving just a month and a half before, we were inside preparing food for the holiday when Faith fell on a pile of rocks and scraped her back. After hugs and kisses she was off again! Minor complaints followed this scraping for just a couple days, then stopped.

A couple weeks later we came down with a cold that seemed to take forever to end! It did finally, for most of us. Faith was still pale and seemed to be carrying on the fatigue without the symptoms of the cold. Faith complained once again that her back was hurting. She would take several naps and be up again. One night, she awoke screaming of back pain, but then fell back into a peaceful slumber, smiling and appearing to have had just a bad dream. Still concerned though, I made a Dr. appt. at a bone specialist to have her back checked. She couldn't be seen until December 28th.

Christmas came and Faith was still pale and easily tired but as long as she was able to rest often, did relatively well. Christmas eve she seemed to be getting the flu and I was having incredible abdominal pain, so we left Vince's parents home in somewhat of a rush. We ended up spending the night in the emergency room. I had kidney stones.

We took Faith to her appt. just days later. After x-rays showed no sign of bone problems, the doctor was even more concerned over her paleness and a swollen lymphnode on the side of her neck. It had nothing to do with her fall after all. We had no money left after paying him so the doctor gave me back our deposit to go to the Pediatrician. I couldn't believe it! When we went to Dr. Ernst the Ped. MD he immediately ordered labwork. He also, only charged half the amount so not to leave us owing a bill, instead showing a paid off account! We never received a bill for the labwork.

The next morning Dr. Ernst called and said, "I believe Faith has leukemia, you need to pack and be on your way to Doernbechers immediately. They are expecting you." They were expecting us. Somehow that made it real. He kept asking me if I understood what he was saying. With every beat of my heart I understood. Our slow motion horror movie began. BUT... so did the Miracles!



Jun 14, 2011 11:35pm

Please be praying for Faith's cousin who has just been diagnosed with Neuroblastoma.  He is only 2 1/2 months old. :(


Thank you for your prayers!  Here is his CB site.  www.caringbridge.org/visit/aidenwodskow


Faith is doing really well.  She and Jade just got their bunnies for 4H and are looking forward to showing them at the fair.  :)

   We are preparing for the 4th of July parade and will try to post pics after it is done.   Central Oregon Candlelighters has a lot of events coming up!  We will be at the Relay For Life of Bend/Redmond/Sisters.  Faith is looking forward to walking the survivor lap again this year. :)  Then, in September is the fundraiser walk, Shane's Walk!  Hopefully we will see you all there!  It was so great to meet a couple CB families there. :)  Here is the website for all who are interested.  www.ShanesWalk.weebly.com  We are in the process of updating the website so registrations can be made online. YAY!

  Thank you everyone for your love and support for our family all these years and for your continued prayers.  We love you to pieces! :)


Angie :)


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