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By love your big cousin ronni — Oct 11, 2013 10:55pm
its been so long since anybody has wrote anything. so tonight I share with you one of my favorite storys with you about Everett. one of my favorites was we were driving him home to his moms after being at walmart becuz they were guna bake cookies, and I was pregnant at the time so I asked him hey ev what should i name the baby and he looks back at me an says EVERETT EVERETT BERGREN I say but that's your name and he lets out a big laugh and goes I know. so then I say what if its a girl he says no boy I said ok ev what do yu think of mason and he says no boy lol oh how I miss the conversations with that boy! the other day I seen 2 conservation officers at walmart I was sittin in the car an I looked up an there they were wearing the same jacket they had givin to Everett I smiled and said to myself everetts doing what he loved an even better now hes watching over all of us and the animals he loved to. everytime I see a deer or fox or lady bug I say thanks for visiting ev I love yu mr. man until we meet again yur family misses n loves yu dearly yu will never be forgotten!!!!!