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Everett’s Story

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Around 7:30 a.m. on Thursday, January 19th, 2012 an apparent drunk driver crossed the center line of Woodland avenue and hit the car that Everett Bergren was in head-on. He was being driven to school by his grandmother. Expecting a snow storm, he had spent the night at his Grandmother's; he wanted to be there to shovel for her in the morning. His grandmother, Paula, died from her injuries soon after the accident. Everett is now in critical condition, with a very serious head injury. He's in a medically induced coma, the doctors hope that the swelling in his brain will go down over time. At this point, Everett is on full life support. As his family, we wish him all the hope in the world, and we'd welcome your thoughts and prayers as we wish for his full recovery. 

Latest Journal Update


Thursday, January 3, 2013, the spirit of Edward "Everett" Bergren left our world
for a better place. He had just turned 14. In life, Everett was a kind, gentle
and loving person with an innate sense of compassion. He had a terrific smile.
He was extremely resourceful and inquisitive. Everett loved agate hunting,
nature photography and he was a Minnesota Vikings fan. He was an animal lover
and he enjoyed music. He was also an explorer and adventurer. Everett was quite
the young outdoorsman and loved everything to do with nature. Everett was a
quick learner with a keen eye for detail. He was gifted, with many skills that
were beyond his years. Everett possessed a strong moral compass and sense for
what was right. In fact, he dreamed of one day becoming a conservation officer
to help, protect and preserve that which he held so dear - Mother Nature's
beauty. Being an ardent outdoorsman, Everett pursued and excelled at fishing,
hunting, trapping, hiking and camping; so much so that he was seen as a
throwback from one of the old time Mountain Men. Everett was an awesome big
brother to his little sisters who he loved and guarded fiercely. Everett was a
valuable friend to have because he was so loyal and held empathy in his heart
for those who suffered misfortune. He was special in so many ways. Through much
adversity, Everett persevered and did so with astonishing courage and dignity.
Since the accident almost one year ago (1/19/12), which took the life of his
loving grandmother Paula, and injured him, Everett fought bravely through
recovery. The resilience and tenacity he showed proved to the world what a truly
amazing kid he was. Everett showed remarkable courage while facing life's
challenges. As a child growing up, Everett warmed the hearts of countless people
and he will never be forgotten. He was an extreme joy. Everett was preceded in
death by his maternal grandfather, Scott Turnbull; his paternal grandmother,
Paula Bergren. He is survived by his mother, Trista Turnbull; his father, Edward
"Ross" Bergren; his sisters Liberty Bergren, Tehya, Bella and Alivia; maternal
grandmother, Tammy Mee; paternal grandparents, Ed and Diane Bergren; paternal
great-grandmother, Jo Schultz; Aunties, Ashly Effinger, Shelley (Rhett)
Nicholson; Uncles, Joel Bergren; Special friends, CeCe and Nick; and so many
others. GATHERING: 12 noon until the 1 p.m. service Saturday, Jan. 12 at
Hermantown Community Church, 4880 Maple Grove Road, Hermantown, MN 55811. A fund
has be established at Forest Hill Cemetery for a bench to be placed near the
duck pond in memory of Paula Bergren and Everett Bergren. Donations may be
mailed to Bergren Memorial Bench Fund, Forest Hill Cemetery, 2516 Woodland
Avenue, Duluth, MN 55803.--