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Dear Evan's Army,

Thank you to all of our prayer warriors.  We were so relieved yesterday afternoon when we got the results of his normal MRI! We had a busy day starting with the MRI and sedation, several clinic visits, and a late night flight home.  It was after midnight when Evan and I finally got to bed - but we sure were happy to be home.

Evan and I spent the time in Memphis surrounded by children all in the different stages of cancer treatment - some just post surgery with a long road ahead, some undergoing radiation, and some cachectic and wheelchair bound undergoing chemo. It's so difficult to separate empathy from personalization.  I was glad to return to the chaos of my house with the five noisy vibrant kids - and so thankful that I have ALL five kids there and that they are healthy.

It looks like Evan will be returning to Memphis in April for the next series of appointments.  Maybe Alex can block his schedule now? (haha)  Although, the one-on-one time with Evan is absolutely wonderful and I did love that part of the trip.  He is a super kid and fun to hang out with. 

I will be updating soon about the Columbia St. Jude Give Thanks Walk.  Come join us!