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Evan’s Story

NEW ADDRESS: 26 Foot Point Road, Columbia, SC  29209 email -

On Thanksgiving night 2008 Evan woke up in the middle of the night with a terrible headache while in Hilton Head. Rachel and Alex took him to the hospital where a CT scan was done of his brain. There was a tumor found that was in the back part of the brain, the cerebellum. It was estimated to be about 4 cm. This part of the brain controls fine movement and coordination.

After multiple calls to different contacts, an excellent neurosurgeon was found. On Friday he went to MUSC and an MRI was done. There were no masses found in the spine (good sign). He had brain surgery to remove the tumor on Sunday. He was in surgery for about 4 hours and did very well. Dr. Glazier felt that he was able to remove all the tumor he was able to see (another good sign).

Unfortunately, the diagnosis was medulloblastoma. It is the most common pediatric brain tumor. It is a cancer. He will have to undergo 9-12 months of chemotherapy as well as 6 weeks of radiation therapy.

He left the hospital on Wednesday, Nov. 26. Many friends and family decorated the Pertile home for Christmas and Even arrived to Christmas lights and a beautifully decorated home!

He is doing very well after surgery. He is on steroids right now and they are making him very hungry! There are still more tests to be run in the upcoming weeks that will help determine the fine details of treatment.

Please communicate with the family via this blog. They are extremely busy coordinating Evan’s care and taking care of the other children. We will keep this site updated so that Rachel and Alex can concentrate on Evan at this time!

The most helpful things that we can do for Rachel and Alex are keeping their freezer stocked with meals, helping get William, Jonathan and Xander wherever they need to be (school, swimming, etc) and sometimes helping with overnight “sleep-overs” for the kids. Rachel’s parents and Rebecca are taking care of most of these things right now, but they will surely need help!

Rachel and Alex truly appreciate all that everyone has done. We will all continue to keep Evan and the entire family in our prayers.

Latest Journal Update


Dear Evan's Army,

Just a quick update with the fantastic news - Evan's MRI was clear. We are so happy. The scaniexty never really goes away. I will update more later buy we can't wait for them to come home tomorrow night!