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Evan turns 7 in Heaven

Wednesday, my beautiful angel son turns 7
in Heaven. June 11, 2014 is what I call "Evan turns 7 in Heaven Day". We are releasing ORANGE balloons (my apologies environmentalists).  Orange for Evan and Orange for Leukemia awareness. I encourage all to do the same... send messages to Evan on the balloons. Even if you didn't know him, I know he is in your heart. The song I always play in memory of Evan is "He Lives in You" from The Lion King. His favorite and fits him perfectly as an angel. Please join us....
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Jesse Atwood
By Jesse Atwood — last edited
Hello. I am a graphic designer and I was going through my blog posts and reread an entry I made concerning an ad for Evan. I hope this is appropriate, but I wanted you to know I thought of Evan today. I never met him, but spending time reading through the messages on here- he was a great kid.