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Evan’s Story

Spc. Evan Mettie, injured in Iraq 01-01-06

The outpouring of care and concern from family, friends, and the community has been tremendous. Denise, his sisters (Kira and Breanne), and I have been humbled and very appreciative of this response from all.

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Evan working out on sit-to-stand chair http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rRcloAuv7D4



New Years Day 2006, while coming in from patrol Evan's unit stopped their humvee to investigate a car. They had received intel that a bomber was going to hit the market place that day. When the cars driver was challenged by Sgt's Bishop & Collin, he blew himself up. Evan was in the gunner's position and took shrapnel to the left frontal/side of his brain, he was reported killed in Action, they lost Sgt. Bishop and Sgt. Collin was severly injured. God was with Evan, as he continues to be, it was not his time. A new journey begins for Evan, please join us in prayer for strength and guidance.

Latest Journal Update

Our Summer

Hey Special Lady Sally!  I'm finally updating, lol.  Sally was getting concerned that we'd fallen off the face of the earth.  Sometimes I feel like we continually rotate in our own little world, then suddenly, it spins out of control and then just as miraculously rights itself and we continue rotating on!  I guess that's where the expression "keep on keeping on" comes from. lol
July 3rd we enjoyed Selahs first annual Independence Day Celebration, our own Cody Beebe & the Crooks entertained us with an evening outdoor concert.  Evan held baby Makenna most of the evening, she was rocking to the music!  We ended up leaving a little early and missed the fireworks (which was probably good), Evan had hit his limit of people & loudness.  The new picture posted is of Evan & Makenna the next morning. Aren't they so cute!!!
Evan has continued to have smaller P.A.I.D. episodes and also a few more severe flashbacks. Most were controlled with just an ER visit.  Dave & I went on our first camping trip in 8 years!  I got a new tent for my birthday (yes that's what I wanted!) and we went to our favorite Iron Creek campground.  It's nestled in an old growth forest along the Cispus river.  Absolutely gorgeous with huge hanging moss covered trees, ferns, peace & quiet plus a rather chilly river to jump into!  We camped 3 days, no electronics, cell phones, pure heaven. Ok. Ok,. maybe I'm not remembering the sweaty tent set up & break down. The cooking over an open fire, warming water to wash with & trekking off to find bathrooms.  But it sure makes one appreciate showers when you get home!
Our Peace & quiet ended as soon as we got in cell range, Evan had started Neurostorming, so I told the caregiver to call 911 since he'd hit our protocol for the ER.  We got another call from the Medics & I assured them I wanted him to go to the hospital.  Then another call from the Nurse advising us to go straight to the hospital, Evan had had a grand mal seizure in the ambulance and he was a  level 3 trauma. Well there went all my warm fuzzy calm feelings. We were about an hour & half away and soon our caregiver Naomi texted me that Evan was at the hospital, they were checking everything out & he was smiling. That calmed me down, if Evan is smiling all is good. After we arrived at the hospital the ER Doctor wasn't so sure it was a seizure, we explained how his PTSD flashbacks had been worsening and the symptoms matched. At any rate Evan needed an extensive EEG workup. FINALLY!!!   We met with a VA Dr. Kuzma by teleconference and Evan is going to the Seattle VA hospital for a week on 9/14 for a thorough workup. We can only hope he has an episode while we're there.  He went a year ago for a week and not a blip on the EEG.
I attended a Wound Warrior Project retreat 8/15 for the weekend and discovered a strange anomaly amongst our veterans 7-8 yrs post injury, they are having increased P.A.I.D and PTSD episodes. Along with reconnecting old friends and making new ones, it was a really good weekend, plus the resort was gorgeous!  THANK YOU WWP
And for the final update, I was hospitalized 9/2 for observation of my heart (we already know I'm crazy) everything turned out fine, the Doctors recommendation was to eliminate the STRESS from my life....HAHAAHAA yeah I'll get right on that!  As a matter of fact, today is our delightful daughter Breannes Birthday and tomorrow Bre, Kira & I are having a girls weekend in Leavanworth, It's a good start!!!
Blessings to all.


7 Comentarios

Joy Dodeward
By Joy and Hal
Every day I think of EVAN and wonder how he Is doing. Oh how I wish he could heal and not have flashbacks and pain. I still have him in my prayers. God Bless the Mettie family and their dear son. May you all have a peaceful Holiday Season and special prayers for Evan.
Miki Seaborn
By miki
Dwight's neurostorming has been on the increase, this past 2 months...along with his seizures. I just wish we had Gabby's insurance. Would the care be better? Sorry, rambling thoughts. If you find a way to relieve stress, please pass it on :-) Find a way to pattend it and you will make millions!
We will send Loads of Love and remain in Prayer. Blessings2Uall,
Miki and Dwight Jr.
Tanya Gutierrez Leishman
By Tanya
Holy moly woman! Praying that the EEG helps them figure out what is going on. And you take care of yourself! Glad that the only recommendation was stress reduction, although asking you to run 10 miles a day may have been easier to accomplish! You are always in my thoughts and prayers. Glad that you have been able to take some time to enjoy summer. :)
Lynn Worley
By Lynn Worley
Love the photo! So glad he's going to get a thorough workup. Oh how I hope that they get to see what they need to see to help him!
What amazing words of Scripture! Praying right now!
Psalms 139:17-18 How precious also are thy thoughts unto me, O God! how great is the sum of them! If I should count them, they are more in number than the sand: when I awake, I am still with thee.
Sally Tennyson
By Sally
Thank you,, dear Denise, for your update. I think of you and Evan and all the Mettie's so often. Your little baby is so darling. Wish you were here to partake in the Salsa Party at the VA thus Sunday, Salsa Band and Taco Truck!
I hope your visit to Seattle is successful for Evan. I will pray to that end. Sending you lots of love and prayers, Sally
Joy Dodeward
By Joy D.
Well, Hello there. Have been thinking of Evan so much lately. My thoughts and prayers are far more intense when I am finishing my day before I go to sleep. My intentions are to message you and I do a lot of letter writing in my head. It is odd how I imagine I am doing that while typing or using my old high school shorthand. Kind of keeps my speed up but that is the only thing that is speedy about me. Evan is a daily part of my life just as my own young people are. I wondering what they are doing, what they are thinking at the moment, what Evan is thinking when he is holding the baby, does she make him laugh. Etc etc etc.

It is good to know you have your girl time now and then and the camping trip. I used to love doing that, but now days, not so much. It is amazing how far you and your family have come to recognize various symptoms and make a diagnosis (Eek! My spelling leaves a lot to be desired). You all have learned so much to help taking care of that young All American man. My warmest thoughts and prayers every day. My heart swells with pride for Evan.
Jodi Abbinanti
By God Bless you! — last edited
So Glad to read an update. The rollercoaster continues! I am glad you do take those breaks with nature and pray that it does help your body rest a little from the crisis living. God has granted you HIS strength to keep on going. I pray some deep breathing and maybe some premium vitamins will hep manage he he stress that you most certainly cannot change. Will also be praying for the PTSD/flashbacks for Evan. They are bad enough...but when there is hardly a way to fully emotionally outlet the emotions that come with, I can hardly fathom. I pray His deeper emotional needs will begin healing. Love to all of you from NY. Think of you so often. JODI