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Evan’s Story

Spc. Evan Mettie, injured in Iraq 01-01-06

The outpouring of care and concern from family, friends, and the community has been tremendous. Denise, his sisters (Kira and Breanne), and I have been humbled and very appreciative of this response from all.

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Evan working out on sit-to-stand chair



New Years Day 2006, while coming in from patrol Evan's unit stopped their humvee to investigate a car. They had received intel that a bomber was going to hit the market place that day. When the cars driver was challenged by Sgt's Bishop & Collin, he blew himself up. Evan was in the gunner's position and took shrapnel to the left frontal/side of his brain, he was reported killed in Action, they lost Sgt. Bishop and Sgt. Collin was severly injured. God was with Evan, as he continues to be, it was not his time. A new journey begins for Evan, please join us in prayer for strength and guidance.

Latest Journal Update

Happy Easter!

Life is returning to normal, Evan has recovered from his surgery and now we are planning our next steps.  Tomorrow Evan will have tubes placed in his ears for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, he tried a trial dive & it hurt his ears to much so this will solve that problem.  The dives are like scuba diving or going into high altitudes, your ears plug up & if you don't clear "pop" them it's very painful.  Then he can start HBOT right away, he is also ready to start PT, Speech, Quadriciser and everything we have put off for the last year, YEA!!!
Today we celebrate Easter, we are so thankful for our health, family and friends.  God has blessed us in so many way's and continues to do so daily.  Kira, Nick, Makenna and Breanne are coming over for a BBQ.  I am recovering from a dratted cold, feel better just really dizzy AND we have really big news!  In this months Sunset Magazine, Breannes picture is on pg 34 for the Cle Elem WA article.  She's fly fishing with Johnny Boitano, they work for Troutwater Fly Shop, she also attends Central Washington University full time, busy lady, but what a fun job!!!
From our family to you and yours, Blessings and Happy Easter!
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Lynn Worley
So glad he'll be able to do all that again!
Hope today was fantastic!
Lifting up prayers right now!
Psalms 28:8-9 The LORD is their strength, and he is the saving strength of his anointed. Save thy people, and bless thine inheritance: feed them also, and lift them up for ever.
Jodi Abbinanti
By God Bless you!, JODI
Happy Easter! So thankful for health stabilizing.
Kurt "Stix" Stine
Great news Evan!
Sending Love & Blessing to you on this blessed day.
Pat Houston
By Pat Houston
God Bless you all!!! Happy Easter!!