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By Gerry DeYoung — Nov 25, 2013 7:33pm
Dear Gina:
I haven't visited Evan's caring bridge page for too long, and just now on my new computer I had to do a search for Ryan Verkaik and 'Happy Heavenly Bday Evan' was the first site that came up so I just read your latest journal.  So sorry to hear about your cancer and pray that the treatments will all go well.  You are a great warrior and will be running that marathon next year for sure.  We are praising God today as Michael, Colleen and Ryan returned from Minnesota after his successful BMT.  He has had some very rough days but he too, is a real little (but very tall now) warrior and neighbors and friends welcomed them home at 6:30 am today after they arrived home.  Congratulations to Alaina on the 16th birthday celebration and a successful drivers test next week. Our 16-yr-old grandson got his in May, and his Dad said they haven't seen much of him since.  Congratulation to both Mary and Derek on their accomplishments.  You have so much to be proud of.
I had a rough start for 2013, when I developed an enterococcus infection in the original surgical incision for my hip replacement.  A total of 4 weeks in Good Samaritan Hospital, LA, 7 surgeries, 10 units of blood and a month recuperating at our daughters home, I'm doing fine now.  Husband Al, has been confined to the Artesia Christian Home for almost two years as a result of Parkinson's disease he is unable to walk except with help and the Adam walker.  I visit him every day. It is hard to believe it has been this long since I was able to help with a couple of the drives.  Ryan's donor was a young man from Germany, so we waved both American and German flags as they drove into their driveway.  
Take good care of yourself.  With Love,